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If I Were A Real Writer

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Yesterday, I sat on the couch watching McD lounge in his recliner watching Alaska State Troopers.  I started thinking about how far we have come. You tell me, should I write a book or what?

As of today, McD and I have been married twenty years and one day. 

When we met at church in February of 1991, everyone there was all for us dating.  Then we got engaged in December, and people turned against it.  We weren't sure why, but oh well.  Some of the people completely against our marriage were family members.  Their opinions did not stop us.  We went to a church in a different town, spoke to the preacher, and set the date.  January 8, 1992.  Believe it or not, at that time I was not evening thinking about Elvis' birthday being the same day. I just happen to be a huge Elvis fan.

The day of my wedding I woke up with the flu.  Not just a few of the flu-like symptoms, the full fledge flu.  Some say that was an omen, but it didn't stop us.  I leaned on my dad as he walked me down the aisle, and when he passed my hand to McD I started leaning on him.  I've always leaned on my daddy, so how fitting was it to then lean on the love of my life at that point.  It was kind of symbolic, don't ya think?  Don't get me wrong, I still lean on my daddy and I am pretty durn sure that I always will.

We were married several years, and hit a rough patch.  At the time, in my mind, none of it was my fault.  Now, looking back, I know that it does take two to make everything work.  We separated, and almost got a divorce.  But we didn't.  We chose to work it out, and sixteen years later we are closer than ever.

We dealt with an ex-wife that did not like me, but honestly I didn't care for her much back then either. 
Just keeping it real here for ya.  We are completely fine these days.  In fact, I kind of like her.  🙂

My dad was electrocuted, and that was a major tragedy in our family, but he recovered and is doing well these days. 

I dropped dead in 1999.  They got me back, and I didn't think I could ever get closer to McD after that. 

Life flew by, and it was pretty normal – whatever normal means.  We had grandbabies, lights of our lives!  Weddings.  College graduation – mine. (Go O-State!) 

I quit my job in 2009, I think, and that was the first time I have ever been unemployed.  I started my job as ranch hand.  That is what McD calls it.  I basically fed the cows, and anything else he asked me to do around here.

Then, last year (2011) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Just when I thought McD and I couldn't get any closer, we did.  He has been by my side every step of the way.  He is my rock.

That is just part of the story of our lives, minus some of the juicy details. 🙂

Thank you for standing by me through all of this, McD.  I couldn't have made it without ya!  Love you Babe!