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Here's one of my favorite photos of Mia and Abby. Abby was less than a year old, and we hadn't had her ears cropped yet. She looks so little here!

Fast forward!

Abby will be three this month, it is unbelievable how time has flown right by us! Here's a more recent photo, she's grown quite a bit.

She is a super sweet girl when she wants to be, but in a blink of an eye her mood can change.  She was named after Pauley Perette's character "Abby" on NCIS. We *love* that show!!

Isn't she beautiful! 


Caught In the Act – Abby

ACR_3112hAbout a month ago this is what I saw as I looked out my bedroom window.  As I ran down the hall to grab my camera I hoped they would still be there.  My luck with our dogs is that they stop doing what I want to get a photo of by the time I get my camera.  This time they had no idea I wanted the shot. 

Is it bad that I would rather run and get my camera instead of stopping the digging?  Don't answer that McD!

ACR_3114hLook at that dirt fly? Right before I snapped this one, Mia was getting dirt thrown in her face.

ACR_3116hLook at those guilty paws! 

Look how deep that hole is!

McD wasn't too happy when he got home.

ACR_3118hBut, as you can tell from this photo, she was ready for a nap and was sleeping when he got home.  It takes a lot out of a girl digging that deep of a hole! 


We Are Home

We made it home this morning at 3 a.m. and we were so very happy to sleep in our own bed.  I actually slept for the first time in 2 nights.  It felt good!

The first thing on my agenda this morning was to go and get Abby, Mia and Mordecai.  I could hardly wait! 

Abby had her ears cropped so she had to skip the ride in the back of the pick-up.  I think Mia kind of liked having the whole pick-up bed to herself.  Abby on the other hand wanted to see Mia.  They were not able to stay with each other since Abby had her ears done.

She was ready to model again.  She loves the camera.  Let me rephrase.  She loves the camera when she wants to love the camera.  Today she was a total ham.

Her ears are quite a bit smaller now, and she is looking more and more like a Doberman.  She is doing great, and doesn't seem to be in any pain.

Here is where she decided she wanted to be camera shy. 

Mia on the other hand wanted to smile for the camera, and that is rare.

Now I am headed to go lay in the floor with them.  They need some attention something fierce!  Mordecai just needs to go hide somewhere so we don't have to deal with his attitude anymore.  Cats and being boarded at the vet don't really mix well. :)  Will keep that in mind next time.


Abby & Mia – New Best Friends



If you read the previous post then you are aware that we had to change the little pup's name.  It is amazing how fast she has picked up her new name.  She never really got the other one, so she probably wonders why we haven't been talking to her.  🙂

A few people have requested some photos, so here ya go. 

Mia's face when she got the news that she was going to have a new baby sister.  Shocked? Scared? Dumbfounded?

Mordecai meeting his new baby sister.  He was not happy at all.  He avoided us for almost a full week.  He still hasn't fully recovered, but he is coming around.  I am having Mordecai withdrawals.  He stays outside all the time, and he won't cuddle with me like he used to. 

Miss Abby sleeping her first night here.  After she ate her first meal with us her stomach was so full.  She had to be miserable.  She laid her head down on Mia's bed and fell fast asleep.

The next thing you know she is pulling on Mia's ears, barking, growling and carrying on.  They play well together.  Mia sometimes forgets to be easy with her, but when reminded she eases up a bit.  I am trying to get some video of them playing so you can get the full effect. 

After they played, they snacked.

How cute is that?  Seriously?  Abby wants to be just like Mia when she grows up.  She follows her around, tries to run with her, and tries to eat the big dog food out of the big dog bowl.  

Then it is time for bed, and she wants to sleep with her.  They do this every single night.

Mia can sleep in that position for hours, but Abby is a wild sleeper.  She may start out like this, but in 20 minutes she will turn around the other way, or hang her head off of the bed.  Half the time she ends up under the couch, which brings back memories of my Hoss rolling up under the bed at night and me having to get him out of there without hurting him.  I hope she isn't starting a bad habit.

She loves her Mia.  It is funny how much she reminds me of a little kid looking up to an older kid.  

Isn't that just the sweetest thing?