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Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica – Review

PrettyBabyA chance encounter sparks an unrelenting web of lies in this stunning new psychological thriller from national bestselling author Mary Kubica (taken from book description)

How is it possible to like and dislike a book at the same time? That is really how I feel about this one. I will do my best to describe this one to you, but it won’t be easy to describe without giving it all away. I will try my best!


Chicago.  Picture cold, and rainy.


Heidi. Wife to Chris. Mom to Zoe. Bleeding heart kind of soul who works for an adult-literacy charity.

Chris. Husband to Heidi. Dad to Zoe. Investment banker. Pretty boy. I admired this guy.

Zoe. Typical pre-teen. Hates everything. Vegetarian.

Willow. Says she is 18. Homeless with a baby. Loves Anne of Green Gables and the library. After her parents passed, she was placed in a foster home. Has lots of secrets that are revealed up until the very end of the book.

Like I said before, it would be very difficult to describe this one without spoilers.

It is told from multi-character point of view – Heidi, Willow & Chris.

Heidi keeps seeing the same girl at the train station wearing an army green jacket, carrying a worn leather suitcase, and a baby, named Ruby. One day she approaches her, and asks if she can buy her dinner. Willow says no. But Heidi doesn’t give up. This becomes a theme in the book. She tells Willow how to calm the colicky baby, and that she will be diner if she changes her mind. And she does! Willow and her baby show up. Heidi has given Willow her raincoat to wrap the baby in, and her business card.

Obviously, Willow calls her because Heidi ends up bringing Willow and Ruby home to a horrified husband and daughter. She tells her husband that it is only for one night, but one night turned to two, and two to three, and so on.

This act of kindness on Heidi’s part became something more twisted.

You will learn:

Where Willow and Ruby came from.

What happens next!


Why this title is in the mystery-thriller genre.

But, you will have to learn all of this for yourself, because if I continue telling you about it there will be lots of spoilers. And I’m not spilling the beans.

For me, this book was most definitely a page-turner. I read devoured it in 2.75 days. Are you wondering how I could like and dislike it at the same time if I devoured it like that?  Well, I didn’t like the way it ended. Let me clarify. It isn’t a bad ending, but it really wasn’t a good ending. It was abrupt. Make sense? In my opinion, I felt like the author could have taken a little more time on the ending.

Would I recommend this book? I don’t know. I did recommend this book to one friend before I finished it. Then I finished it, and kind of changed my mind. Here is what I am going to say to anyone that asks about this book.  There are lots of mixed reviews, and maybe you should check those out before you commit to reading this one.

There is so much more I want to say about this one. If you read it, or have already read it and still want to chat about it – email me! I’d say comment below, but then it would spoil it for everyone else.

anotherchanceranch at gmail dot com

Special thanks to Harlequin and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Letters from Ruby by Adam Thomas – A Review

LettersrubyBook Description:

When the newly ordained Episcopal priest Rev. Calvin Harper arrives in
Victory, West Virginia, to be the pastor at an ailing
parish, he has no idea how much he still has to learn
about being a priest. Thankfully, Ruby Redding takes the young
man under her wing and teaches him everything she has learned
throughout her long, storied life. Seminary never taught
Calvin that the only true way to be a witness to God’s
presence in this world is to remain in relationships with people no
matter what life throws at them. His studies never
taught him that detachment is the bane of ministry. He
never learned that deep grief comes only from deep love. But in his
first year in Victory, Calvin learns all this and more from
Ruby, a woman so full of God’s light that it can’t help
but spill onto the people around her.


"You can't take responsibility for how other people react to what you say. But you can think about how they will hear your words."

That was just one of my favorite quotes from Ruby, of Letters from Ruby.  Ruby is a older, wise woman that was full of great quotes full of advice.  This book was not written as a self-help book, but if a person was to
read this and take some of the advice given by the wise women Pearls,
Brooch, and The Two Purses, they might be surprised at how it helps.

Letters from Ruby is a great story to escape into, and experience a bit of history and romance. Ruby is my favorite character of the book, but honestly there are several great characters to choose from. Rev. Adam Thomas captured the best features of each character. These ladies reminded me of different ladies from our own church.

This title gives you lots to think about, and to laugh about. If the first chapter doesn't hook you, then you can't be hooked. Hint: New Priest. Breaking & Entering. I really can't say more.  Be sure to grab it as soon as it hits the stores, August 20, 2013.

Thank you Abington for my free copy.