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An Easy Recipe for Homemade Lotion

A while back I posted that I had made my own laundry soap and fabric softener, and I linked to the recipes that I used.  I had several other people making their own laundry detergent as well.  A friend from church said that her son wrote on his college application that he makes his own laundry detergent!  How cool is that!?

After I told another friend from church about what I was doing she told me about the lotion recipe she uses, and happens to love.  So, I had to try it and I like it so I had to share it with you too.

I was spending the night with my grandparents the night I got the wild hair to make this lotion, so my Granny and I made it together.  It was fun! 

This is such an easy recipe, and you can get almost everything you need at the Dollar Store.  Doesn't that make it that much better?

Pour the lotion…


the Vitamin E cream…


and the petroleum jelly.


After combining the lotion, vitamin E cream, and the petroleum jelly get your electric mixer out and mix it up for approximately 5 minutes.

Here's when I wished Granny had a Kitchen Aid mixer. 

Now it is time to add the fragrance using essential oils.  We used Nature's Sunshine essential oils, which you can learn about at Another Chance Nutrition.


We wanted to try several different fragrances; we didn't want approximately 43.5 ounces of lotion that all smelled the same.  Some days you want something fruity and the next you might want something flowery.  That is why we split it up into several small containers. 

The essential oils that we chose were Jasmine and Rose.

We started out by using one drop of oil to these little containers, because trust me on this, less is more.

We were expecting to use Lavendar essential oil, but then my Uncle brought us some Jasmine and it was all over! 

After making this, I think the next time I might add a little more vitamin E cream just to make the lotion a little thicker.  I haven't tried it with more yet, so if you try it and you add more vitamin E cream would you please tell me how it turns out?

This is great lotion for your feet, especially with flip flop weather inching up on us. 


DC Diary – 3 The Florist & The Cafe

Well, I should have come up with this title earlier.  Sometimes I am just not with it.  The Spy Cam at the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument photo should have been in this series as well.  So, I am just going to start at 3.  :)  Make sense?

While in Washington DC I had to find a florist, which is another story for another time, but there just happened to be a florist across from the hotel.  (Photos will be in the other story,  you won't want to miss them.)

It looked like an upper class kind of place.  We found it one evening when we were walking back to our hotel after supper (dinner, whatever you call it).  We planned to do our sightseeing the next day and then hitting the florist on our way back to the hotel.  We had a plan.  We just didn't realize it would be such a good plan. 

We had just gotten back from the National Archives (Amazing! by the way.) and we made our way over to the quaint little florist shop.  When we stood across the street waiting for the light to change so we could cross, we saw the cutest thing.  Allan Woods

I am not sure if the guy we spoke to was Allan, but I am going to pretend it was.  He was the nicest guy!  Did you see Mrs. Doubtfire? 

Okay, wait a minute.  If you have not seen Mrs. Doubtfire then you need to rent it today!  Okay, not today because it will be late by the time I get this posted, but you must see it.  Robin Williams is hilarious!

Now, back to the guy in Mrs. Doubtfire.  He played Daniel's (Robin Williams) brother, Frank. When I found a photo of him I was shocked.  These guys could be look-a-likes.  Wow!

Picture 7
This is Harvey Fierstein, aka Allan Woods' look-a-like.  I kid you not, these guys look a lot a like, it is just crazy!

So, we walk into the quaint little shop, and Allan asks us what he can help us with.  I ask him for a single red rose.  He tells me it will be $5, and I say that is great!  That is when he noticed my camera.  He asked if I would be photographing the flower, and I said yes.  Actually, I couldn't go into details about the flower and I really wasn't planning on photographing it the way he thought I would.  But I did say yes, and then made plan to photograph it later that evening. 

After noticing my camera, asking me if I would be photographing the rose, and getting us a rose from a special collection in a different cooler, he told us that when we walked in he just knew that I was a world renowned photographer walking into his shop to photograph his flowers. 

I laughed out loud!  I thanked him for thinking that, but was sorry to tell him I was far from that.  But!  (There is always a but in there somewhere!) But!  I will be posting the photos of that rose on the WORLD Wide Web, does that count?

While he wrapped the rose for me he asked where we were from.  The accents couldn't have given us away, I mean really.  We told him that we were from Oklahoma, and that kind of opened up the conversation for us to ask him for restaurant recommendations.  He was more than happy to fill us in on the cuisine of DC.  He told us about a little cafe, (the cafe that should not be named), and then told us that we shouldn't eat there.  Hmmm.  We had eaten there the night before, and completely understood why he felt that way. 

Then he mentioned that we should walk on over to Open City Cafe.  He knew what their Monday night special was, and he said that he would be there that night to enjoy it.  So, we went there too.  This place is the bomb diggity!  He told us that you have to have an open mind because the wait staff look a lot like the cast of Rent.  They have tattoos and piercings.  Okay, no biggie I have no problem with people sporting tatts and piercings.  I may not want them myself, or be able to take my eyes off of the 4 lip rings, and 3 eyebrow rings they sport.  But hey!  It is their body, and they have to look at themselves in the mirror when they are 80 and holey!

Sorry, I digress.  When we got to the OC Cafe we had a bit of a wait.  We all bellied up to the bar and had a pretty enjoyable time.  The bartender had the coolest dreads I think I have ever seen, and he was friendly.  He filled us in on the burger and draft beer deal, which would have been great if any of us wanted a draft beer, but we didn't.  He filled us in on the menu, he left some of us taste their draft beers.  I think he was flirting, but that is just my opinion. 

When we were seated the first thing we did was knock a flower vase off of our table and break it.  Oops.  I use the term "we" very loosely.  I just didn't want to make Ali-girl feel bad.  :)  It really was an accident.  Our waitress, I wish I could remember her name, came by to get our beverage order and Allan was right.  She was covered in tattoos and piercings.  And she rocked!  We loved her!  The Ken-Man is pretty much straight out of the country.  His reaction was that she looked like a fishing lure, and he said it right out loud.  Although, I am not sure he knows what a fishing lure looks like.  Again, another story for another time.

She was hilarious.  The only annoying thing she did was call McD Honey, Babe, and Sugar.  Not just one name, which would have been bad enough, she called him all three at different times mind you.  I am pretty sure that I should be the only one calling him those names, but I kept my cool.  It just irritates me when people do that.  I was going to rephrase and say that it depends on who is calling him those things, but nope.  Unless it is his Grandmother or Aunt, no one else has that right.  Got it?  🙂

So, Ken-Man had to go to the bathroom and all we could see was "Restrooms" painted on the wall.  There wasn't a doorway, an arrow, nothing.  From where we were sitting it looked like someone had played a sick joke on those needing to use the restroom.  So, he asked our favorite OC Cafe waitress, and she told him…hee hee…sorry…she told him that he had to walk over and press the flower that was painted on the wall, then the magic door would appear.  Guess what he did!?  He walked over to the wall, and pressed the flower and nothing happened.  Oh wait, that is a lie.  We all laughed our butts off.  It was hilarious.  From where we were sitting we could not see the staircase leading downstairs to the restrooms.  Oh it was funny!

We finished our meals, which were superb!  We paid out, and headed out the door.  On our way out the door we ran into our friend, Allan Woods!  Yep!  The florist!  We were excited! 

I had on my favorite new shirt which actually has sparkly crap on it (I am not a sparkly crap kind of girl normally), and he noticed it.  He said, "Oh my!  And I thought the only thing that glittered in Oklahoma was the stars in the
sky, but I was wrong the women sparkle too!"   He really was a hoot!  He made our day!

Oh, and if you are ever in DC (or live there) and you need flowers, go see Allan Woods.  They have no idea who I am, and even if you told him this story he (if he is even Allan) probably wouldn't remember us.  But if you go see him you will get to meet Bruiser Woods too. 

Do you know who Bruiser Woods is?  Or what movie he is from?  (Photos to follow in the other story!  You will then meet Bruiser Woods.)

Sorry this was so long!