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My Battle with Breast Cancer

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Yesterday, I asked my Facebook friends what kind of entertainment we should have today.  I think the Story Time theme won.  So today's post will all be in the comment section.  I am going to start the story with a few words, and let you guys keep the story going.  Hopefully there will be more than just one or two of you play along.  I know I really don't need to say this, but I am going to anyway.  Please keep it clean.  Our grandkids see this, and they are old enough to read. 🙂

On to the comment section…

My Battle with Breast Cancer

My Nurse, A Hero

I know, I promised you the big post with photos and stuff, but I completely forgot to tell you about my hospital stay first. 

The day before my surgery I had to go and have a couple more tests done.  One of the tests was just an ECHO to check my heart so I could be cleared for surgery.  It went well.  The other test was a test to mark where my lymph nodes started.  They had to inject me with a radioactive substance right in my oobbay.  There were two injections; one above the ipplenay, and one below.  Talk about painful, it was PAINFUL. 

The night before my surgery I just couldn't sleep, and neither could McD.  We tried, but we only managed to get about an hours worth of sleep.  Maybe an hour and a half, but only because we slept through the alarm.  We needed to be on the road by 4:30 in the morning, so we shot out of bed like a couple of pop-bottle rockets lit at the same time.  Nothing like feeling rushed at 3:30 in the morning. 

I was told that I couldn't wear mascara in the operating room, so I only applied eyeliner.  I thought in the back of my mind that they might think that it was tattoo'd on.  :)  I can't apply it in a straight enough line for them to think that, but they never said a word about my "make-up" that morning.  Thank goodness.  I wanted to look halfway alive when I came out of surgery.  I am always so pasty white looking, and needed a little bit of help.

After surgery I met my nurse, and nurses aid.  I have to say that I've never had a better hospital experience.  The cookies I gave the nurses might have helped a little, but even the ones that didn't get the cookies were quite nice. 

Especially Terry.

Terry came in and said hello, scanned my wrist band, and then stood at the computer quietly working away.  We joked about how he scanned me like I was an item at Wal-Mart, and he joked back saying that it cost me everytime he scanned me.  We all laughed, knowing it was true. 

My sister just happened to be in the room with us, and she asked him a very simple question.  It was so simple that I can't remember exactly what she said, I'm sure it was the drugs, so I will paraphrase.  She asked him if he had always been a nurse.  He said, no he hadn't, and then went on to tell us about his life before nursing.

We sat in awe as he told us about being in the Jolly Greens, the combat rescue team, during Vietnam.  He wanted to become a doctor, but the education/training he had received during his time in the military would not count toward his degree.  So, he went into sales.  He didn't care for sales really.  He said that there was too much kissing up.  He didn't actually say the words, but he puckered his lips several times to make his point.  He told his wife that he wanted out of sales, so she told him to go back to school.  He laughed, because he was 48 years old at the time.  He went to nursing school and has been working at that very hospital for 13 years. 

I wish I could've had my photo taken with him, but I didn't even think of it at the time.

He came in to check on me, and I had to tell him that he just wouldn't be able to come into my room for at least an hour.  He gave me a funny look, so I had to explain that the season finale of NCIS was on and we were having a watch party. :)  He promised that he would try to accomodate my wishes, but that my IV drip was almost finished and it might just interrupt our show.

It did.

I think everyone in the room tried to shut that silly machine up, but it just continued to beep and beep and beep until Terry came back to shut it off.  Stinkin' battery back-ups.

He snuck in, and went to disconnect my IV.  When he did the IV was loose, and he said that he was going to have to do things the old fashioned way.  I told him that I was glad he was my nurse, because I knew that he knew how to do it the old fashioned way. :)  He just smiled. 

We thanked him for everything he had done for me, for the country, etc. 

I was honored to have him as my nurse.