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My Battle with Breast Cancer

Chemo Day Fun! – What Would You Bring Back?

So, this morning I will be sitting in the chemo chair again.  This time it is different though.  They are going to do the same ol' thing, of course, but it is the next to the last chemo treatment for me.


The other day, which could have been a month ago, I saw a commercial for a new television show that will be starting soon.  I say a "new" television show, but it isn't really.  It is a re-make.

Charlie's Angels (Photo was borrowed from IMDb)

This is the real Charlie's Angels. 

This is the show I think of when anyone says "Hello, Charlie."

This is the show that we all try to imitate their infamous pose.

I'm not really sure how I feel about them doing a re-make of it.  I am not to big on changing some of my favorite shows.  Like when they did the re-make of Hawaii Five-0.  McD wanted to watch it, and we did.  Then it became a show that I recorded for him to watch without me.  It just wasn't Hawaii Five-0 to me.  Neither of us watch it anymore.  He said he tried, and tried, but it was just too hokey for him. 

Today for my Chemo Day Entertainment brought to me only by YOU, my friends and family, I would like to know what television shows you would like brought back.

Should they bring back…

Magnum P.I. (Picture borrowed from IMDb)

I think it would be a fun one to bring back, as long as it isn't hokey.  I mean, Magnum's son could be the P.I., or better yet…his daughter.  But Tom Selleck would HAVE to be a part of that show.

Maybe Silver Spoons for the kids.  And again, Ricky Schroder could be the father in the show.  Oh, oh, wait!  The Facts of Life!  I will seriously be singing the them song to that show for the rest of the day. 

I could go on and on.  There were a lot of shows I liked, but not all of them could be brought back.  Like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, M*A*S*H, Little House on the Prairie, and the list goes on and on. 🙂

Tell me, what shows would you like to see again.


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday – 2/10/11

Things have been happening over here at Another Chance Ranch.  Behind the scenes kinds of things.  Like me sitting on my hiney surfing the web, finding new bloggy friends via blog frog, and visiting said blogs. 

A few years ago I decided to declare Thursdays, Thankful Thursday.  I would post what I was thankful for, and I encouraged everyone else to share what they were thankful for as well.  Little did I know that someone else was doing the same thing.  In fact, they were a little more organized.  They had a group already set up, and I wasn't a part of this group.  I could have joined in the group right away, but something held me back.

Fast forward a few years.

Today I was, as mentioned before, finding new bloggy friends on Blog Frog and I came across Mommy J's Thoughts of a Working Mom blog.  She had posted her Thankful Thursday post, and instantly I was inspired to write my own.  Some of you might know that I started trying to bring my Thankful Thursday posts back here and there. 

I clicked on over to her blog to read her post, and guess what!?!  You could have knocked me over with a feather, there is another Thankful Thursday group.  A different one that was together when I first discovered someone had beat me to the punch.

Something is different this time though.  This time I am joining in!  I hope you will too!

This week we were hit with between fourteen and fifteen inches of snow.  We live in Oklahoma, a state where we get only get snow every once in a while and it is usually just an inch or two here and there.  But in December of 2009 we were dumped on, and now we've been dumped on again.  Twice in just about a weeks time. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I like the snow.  I enjoy playing in the snow.  I have many, many memories of playing in the snow.  In fact, yesterday as the snow was falling I texted my mom and told her that I wished she were here so we could make a snowman.  We used to always make snowmen.  This isn't the best snowman making snow though.  We could've gone sledding though.

With all of this snow covering the ground my mind shifts to things that I should be, and am, thankful for.  Like indoor plumbing.  Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine having to trek through fourteen inches of snow just to go tinkle.  This morning it was 22˚ below zero.  I don't know about you, but when I get up in the morning the first thing I want to do is go to the potty.  If we didn't have indoor plumbing I might have stayed in bed all day long.

You might think it is silly to be so thankful for something so common, but just think back to the Little House on the Prairie days.  I am thankful we that we have a home where the cold drafts are not coming in everywhere. 

I am so very thankful that we have running water at our barn too.  I can't even imagine having to haul water in buckets in this stuff.  I guess seeing Little House on the Prairie on the tv guide listing a while back kind of got me to thinking.

Click on the photo above if you would like to see who else participated.  Click on the photo above if you would like to play along.  You can grab the button when you visit the Grace Alone blog.