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An Easy Recipe for Homemade Lotion

A while back I posted that I had made my own laundry soap and fabric softener, and I linked to the recipes that I used.  I had several other people making their own laundry detergent as well.  A friend from church said that her son wrote on his college application that he makes his own laundry detergent!  How cool is that!?

After I told another friend from church about what I was doing she told me about the lotion recipe she uses, and happens to love.  So, I had to try it and I like it so I had to share it with you too.

I was spending the night with my grandparents the night I got the wild hair to make this lotion, so my Granny and I made it together.  It was fun! 

This is such an easy recipe, and you can get almost everything you need at the Dollar Store.  Doesn't that make it that much better?

Pour the lotion…


the Vitamin E cream…


and the petroleum jelly.


After combining the lotion, vitamin E cream, and the petroleum jelly get your electric mixer out and mix it up for approximately 5 minutes.

Here's when I wished Granny had a Kitchen Aid mixer. 

Now it is time to add the fragrance using essential oils.  We used Nature's Sunshine essential oils, which you can learn about at Another Chance Nutrition.


We wanted to try several different fragrances; we didn't want approximately 43.5 ounces of lotion that all smelled the same.  Some days you want something fruity and the next you might want something flowery.  That is why we split it up into several small containers. 

The essential oils that we chose were Jasmine and Rose.

We started out by using one drop of oil to these little containers, because trust me on this, less is more.

We were expecting to use Lavendar essential oil, but then my Uncle brought us some Jasmine and it was all over! 

After making this, I think the next time I might add a little more vitamin E cream just to make the lotion a little thicker.  I haven't tried it with more yet, so if you try it and you add more vitamin E cream would you please tell me how it turns out?

This is great lotion for your feet, especially with flip flop weather inching up on us.