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McD & Julie Sitting in a Tree

We weren't exactly sitting in a tree, and we sure weren't k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  We were hunting, each with our weapon of choice.  I had my camera with zoom lense, and McD had his .22. 

We don't have a "tree stand," but we do have a "fort" that was built years ago.  It was built for kids to play on, but since our kids aren't here to play on it we have turned it into a makeshift tree stand.  It is up in the trees. 

It is within walking distance of our house, so we took off on foot.  At first we thought this might be a bad thing because this little lady was barking at us, and we were afraid she wouldn't stop.  This is what we saw as we walked away from the house.

Eventually, she went on with her business.  She chews on the outdoor rugs to pass the time.  She barked at the donkey, and she played with Mia.  She completely forgot we were there.

I was getting bored.  Don't tell McD!  I was cold, and I was bored.  That is just not a good combination.  I started clicking pictures of the leaves in the trees, and spiders weaving spiderwebs high in the tree tops.



We sat there for about an hour, and the sun started to set.  So, we decided to pack it up, and head back to the house.  We were making quite a bit of noise as we folded our chairs, and started our climb down.  McD was already to the ground when we heard something rustling around in the leaves.

I went into statue mode.  Remember playing Freeze, well, I froze.  And I saw this little lady staring back at me.

If only that branch/vine thingamajig wasn't in the way, but it was.  It was a cute little doe.  She was spending Saturday evening alone.  Maybe she was getting ready for a hot date and we interrupted her. 

She didn't spend much time socializing with us.

She high-tailed it out of there.  Well, so her tail isn't high, but you know what I mean.  She got the heck out of Dodge.  Ran for the hills.  She split!

But she stopped once more, just to get one more look at us.  Can you see her?

She isn't in focus, but she is there peering at us through the branches.  Then she was gone. 

I slung my camera on my back, pretty proud of myself for getting the only shots of the night, and climbed down the ladder. 

I love seeing wildlife.  If I could I would hang out in that fort all day, and just wait for something to meander by so I could get a picture of it.  I have even thought of luring deer there with pears, just so I could get some good close-ups.  Who knows what else I would see.  Maybe I could hang bird feeders too, and get some good shots of the different birds that fly through our area.

As we walked back to the house I noticed the sunset, and I just had to snap one more shot. 

We had a great time sitting there, in silence, admiring God's handiwork.  I hope we get to spend some more quiet time together soon.