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GM Cleanse: Day One & Two

Day 1: Fruit only (except bananas).

My first thought: YUM!

My thoughts at supper time: GAG!

and after entering all of my food and water into my fitbit account, I
was shocked at how many calories I had eaten in all that fruit.

did not work out as much as I thought I would the first day, but I
certainly made up for it on day two. But I still thought I would lose some

Day 2: Veggies only, baked potato with a pat of butter for breakfast.

eating all fruit the day before, I was so ready for something more
filling. So I was ready for my baked potato for breakfast. That seemed
odd to me at first, but then I thought about how I love hash browns for
breakfast. So, it isn't so odd afterall.

My fitbit info for day two.

FitBit1But get this, I haven't lost much weight at all. I'm talking 2 – 3 pounds.

That sure makes it hard to stay on the diet, but I am still on it.

This afternoon, I will update you on day three (yesterday).


The GM Cleanse: Day One

Oh, the "D" word has been coming up in our house a lot lately.


Not because summer is coming and we want to be Speedo swimsuit ready. It is just because we want to feel better.

I did not believe my doctor when he told me that most cancer patients gain weight instead of losing weight. I was ready to lose ten pounds when I was diagnosed. Darn my luck, I gained even more weight. Then to make my weight matters even worse, I was put on Tamoxifen and the weight just keeps piling on. I am going to look like the Goodyear Blimp if I don't get a handle on it!

A friend of mine was taking Tamoxifen and she had the same problem with the weight just piling on, so she stopped taking it. McD tells me that is not an option for me, and that I will take it the full five years.

So, now you know the reasons we are starting this cleanse. I contemplated doing the cleanse, and then writing about it later but really I might need this to keep me accountable.

I found the GM Cleanse on Pinterest, and believe it or not we have done this once before. I lost 9 pounds the first time, but I did not work out. This time, I am working out and doing the cleanse. We are using this to jump start our healthy eating lifestyle.  Last time we fell off the healthy eating wagon, and gained everything back.

I am kind of competitive, so I am going to try to be competitive with myself. Weird, I know. I bought a fitbit, and it should be here today. I am so excited!

fitbitIt tracks your steps, miles, calories burned, sleep patterns, etc. Be sure to click on the fitbit link if you are interested in it, because I am not going to go into detail on it here. Maybe another day.

Today is day one of the GM Cleanse, which means we are eating fruit all day!! Yum! I can handle this!

I will tell you how today goes in the morning. 🙂