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Here's one of my favorite photos of Mia and Abby. Abby was less than a year old, and we hadn't had her ears cropped yet. She looks so little here!

Fast forward!

Abby will be three this month, it is unbelievable how time has flown right by us! Here's a more recent photo, she's grown quite a bit.

She is a super sweet girl when she wants to be, but in a blink of an eye her mood can change.  She was named after Pauley Perette's character "Abby" on NCIS. We *love* that show!!

Isn't she beautiful! 


There’s A Special Birthday in Our House Today

Abby is two years old today!

I have been looking back through the photos of her growing up.  I thought I would share a few with you.

This one is one of my favorites.  Of course, this is before her ears were cropped.

Here she is with her favorite toy.  She takes this football with her everywhere, even to bed.

Last winter.  We actually had snow last year. 

Happy Birthday Abby!  We love you!!!


The Missing Dish Towel

Have you ever walked into another room carrying your dish towel, and just by chance set it down and walk back to where you started from.  Then search everywhere for that stinkin' dish towel!  It might not have been a dish towel in your house.  It could have been a pen, a piece of paper, remote, or your phone. 

It drives me nuts when I do things like that.  So, when my dish towel went missing I didn't think much about it.  It had to be around here somewhere. I grabbed another one and went on about my business.

That was months ago.

Fast forward to our latest snow storm.

Abby loved being out in the snow, and I HAD to get some photos.  Had to.

Notice the snow on her nose?  She loves the snow!

But what is that by her foot?

It is my black dish towel!!


Oh look! A piece of wood. :)  She is as bad as I am, oh oh shiny pen, where was I?

Oh yea, the dish towel.  I think she has claimed it as her own. 

Our snow has been gone for quite some time, but I am starting to find small pieces of my dish towel laying around. 

Come to find out, the few months was more like a year.  When I carried my dish towel away one day, I carried outside got in the Gator and accidentally left it there.  It must have blown out, and Abby claimed it as her own.

Guess I need to pay more attention to what I am doing around here.


Animals, Photos

Gifts for Abby

On January 31, Abby turned a year old. 

It is unreal that she is already a year old.  She thinks she is a person most of the time.  She loves laying on the couch, with *her* pillow, and *her* blanket.  Her blanket happens to be any blanket that is on the couch. 

She received two gifts for her birthday.

A nice juicy treat.  Of course, there were two dogs at this party, Mia received one as well.  Consider them the cupcakes of the party.

And a football. 

That squeaks!

At first she was scared of it.  Now she loves it!!

But the cat voices his disgust every time Abby plays with it.  Seriously!

ACR_0685 Since the following weekend was the Super Bowl, we felt a football was quite appropriate.

ACR_0686 She can play many different positions.  She is a blocker (as pictured above), a running back, a tight-end, and even a quarterback. 

I might just be a proud momma, but she is talented!



Two Different Dogs

She doesn't even look like the same dog. 

The other day I found a bunch of photos of Abby with her floppy ears.  It is amazing to see how different she looks.

Her ears don't always meet in the middle like that, but once in a while they do. 

I should have made one of the Fun Monday's a share a photo of your pet day.  I wonder if anyone would care if I change one of the topics.  Hmmm.  What do you think?


Abby Update – Nov 2010

Our little girl is growing up. 

She is spoiled rotten!  Sometimes I think that is an understatement. 

The other night McD was in the livingroom watching some television, and I was in the kitchen piddling around.  When I made my way into the livingroom to take my place on the couch this is what I found.

Mia is in Abby's spot, and they barely left me any room at all. 

We never, never let any animals (except for Mordecai) on the couch.  Never!  Then we got this little puppy named Abby, right after we lost Hoss.  Abby does just about anything Abby wants to do, and she gets away with it.  Mia decided that if Abby could get on the couch, then she could to. 

Mia and Hoss always played with a rope.  They played tug of war with us for what seemed like hours.  They loved it.  Abby loved to take that rope and chew it into hundreds of tiny threads.  I kid you not.  I was so irritated that I forgot to take a photo.

We decided to get them something they can't tear up.  We got Nylabones.  They each have their own bone, but Abby thinks they are both hers.  Imagine that!?

Mia has become quite the sly dog.  If Abby is getting attention, and Mia wants attention, she will go get one of the bones and start chewing on it.  Abby realizes that Mia has her bone, and takes off to get "her" bone.  Mia then slinks over to whoever was giving Abby attention, and gets all the attention she wants.  It works every time.

Abby playing with her bone.


Here she is after she fell asleep playing with her bone.

She slept like this for almost an hour. 



We Are Home

We made it home this morning at 3 a.m. and we were so very happy to sleep in our own bed.  I actually slept for the first time in 2 nights.  It felt good!

The first thing on my agenda this morning was to go and get Abby, Mia and Mordecai.  I could hardly wait! 

Abby had her ears cropped so she had to skip the ride in the back of the pick-up.  I think Mia kind of liked having the whole pick-up bed to herself.  Abby on the other hand wanted to see Mia.  They were not able to stay with each other since Abby had her ears done.

She was ready to model again.  She loves the camera.  Let me rephrase.  She loves the camera when she wants to love the camera.  Today she was a total ham.

Her ears are quite a bit smaller now, and she is looking more and more like a Doberman.  She is doing great, and doesn't seem to be in any pain.

Here is where she decided she wanted to be camera shy. 

Mia on the other hand wanted to smile for the camera, and that is rare.

Now I am headed to go lay in the floor with them.  They need some attention something fierce!  Mordecai just needs to go hide somewhere so we don't have to deal with his attitude anymore.  Cats and being boarded at the vet don't really mix well. :)  Will keep that in mind next time.


Friday Fotos – Abby


McD likes the color photo, what about you?

These were taken yesterday while she was chewing on her rawhide bone, or a branch, or something. 🙂