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One Hot Mess of Jalapenos – An Inspired Recipe

We are a spicy food lovin' family!  It started when I was in my mama's womb.  She ate chips and hot sauce then, and that just might have started my love for heat. 

When I was young we used to eat at a restaurant called El Burrito in Shawnee, OK.  I loved their tamales!  Loved them!!  The only problem was that every single time I ate them I got sick.  I mean puking those wonderful tamales back up.  Eventually I quit ordering them.

This same restaurant, which is no longer there, had some really good hot sauce.  We liked it anyway.  Somehow my mom got the recipe for it.  I don't know if she made it up or what, but it tastes just like it and I make it all. the. time. 

These days our favorite place to go is another Mexican restaurant, and they serve fried jalapenos.  My dad introduced me to them.  Now, McD and I are addicted!  I will be planting lots of pepper plants in my garden this year.  We seriously need help! 

I decided to follow in my mama's footsteps and figure out this recipe, if you can even call it a recipe. I've decided that it is so good that I must share it with you.

First of all, buy lots of jalapenos.  I decided to make a small batch for this post.



If you like the heat then leave the seeds, if you prefer less heat then remove the seeds.  They taste great with or without the seeds.  Promise.

Be sure to put them in the fryer basket before setting the basket into the heated oil.

See how shiny and new that fryer looks?  That's because it is my new toy! 

Yes, I know it isn't the "in" thing to fry things, but honestly, I've never really been "in."  McD loves these, therefore, I make these.  I tend to spoil the man.

Let's talk about my new toy. 

When we got married, 20+ years ago, we were given a Fry Daddy.  Those were a big then back then.  We used it a lot, and I loved it, but the new fryers are just cooler.  I won't melt the lid on this one like I did the Fry Daddy. 🙂

This one is an Emeril deep fryer by TFAL.  It has an oil storage container with its own filtration system.  That was what caught my eye.

I really want to make some hush puppies. I'm thinking maybe we should have a fish fry.  I am getting hungry just thinking about everything I could fry.

Let's get back to the yummy goodness of the fried peppers.


Now, I will fill you in on a little secret.  When my dad orders these at the restaurant, he asks them to bring lime with it.  He squeezes the lime juice over the peppers, and says that it cuts some of the heat. It does, and it tastes great!