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Inspired – Joey+Rory

It's no secret that I love Joey+Rory's style and music!

So, imagine my surprise when I watched their show (Yes, they even have a show on that there tee vee) and saw that they had recorded a Gospel Album. I'm a sucker for hymns.

I had to have it, and I love it! Love, love, love it!

There's not one song on there that you won't like! Promise!

Oh, and did you know that they are having a baby? Yep, it was on their show! You really should watch it! 



A Christmas Eve’s Eve Giveaway!

Earlier this year I picked up a new cd.  I listened to the whole thing, and then realized that I liked every single song on there. 





I don't know about you, but that rarely happens with me.  I usually figure out which songs I want to skip over the first or second time I listen to a disc.  Just so you know, I still call them albums and have a really hard time saying disc, or cd.

The cd is Joey + Rory's Album #2. 


I was raised listening to all kinds of music.  If it had a beat, we listened to it.  But I love me some country music.  These days we don't hear much "country" music.  We have a lot of cross-over artists.  Pop-Country, Country-Pop.  Whatever it is, it isn't REAL country.  If you want to hear real country you need to break out some Johnny Cash, George Jones, Don Williams, Keith Whitley, just to name a few.   Now, don't get me wrong, today's artists are good.  They are even great at doing what they do, but when I want to hear some real country I don't want to listen to today's artists. 

These days I can pop Album #2 in and get my country fix. 

Let me tell you a little about the music on this album. 

1. Album Number Two – a pretty durn honest song. So honest you kind of chuckle about them actually saying some of the things they say. 

2. That's Important To Me – This song fits me.  Right down to holding hands when we pray. I love this song, and I like the video too.  You can go here to see it.

3. All You Need Is Me – Fun song!  McD already has me, but I sing it to him anyway. 

4. Born To Be Your Woman – I LOVE THIS SONG! Just saying!

5. Baby I'll Come Back To You – Oh we laughed at this song.  Just trying to picture Alan Jackson dancing in a boy band was too funny. 

6. God Help My Man – Remember the song Cheater Cheater?  Oh my heck!  This one is just as good.  Love it!

7. The Horse Nobody Could Ride – I love this song.  I can't tell you why exactly, but it almost brings tears to my eyes.  The story in this song is a great one, and I can see it all happen in my mind as the song plays. 

8. Farm to Fame – Just a good song.  It kind of made me think of artists that have come and gone.  You'll see why.

9. Where Jesus Is – Another song that brought tears to my eyes.  You need to hear this song. 

10. You Ain't Right – What is kind of sad about this song is that when you listen to it, you can match people up to certain things in the song.  We're all an ounce or two short of a pound.  Hee Hee!!

11. My Ol' Man – Rory did a great job with this song!  Listening to this song made me think of my Daddy.  I am curious to know if it makes you think of yours.

12. This Song's For You – This song features the Zac Brown Band.  Another song that I love to sing along with. 

Actually, if you want to know the truth, I crank up this cd and I belt it out on every song.  This album ranks right up top of my favorites. 


So, I contacted Joey & Rory's people and I asked them if I could get some autographed cd's to giveaway on my little ol' blog.  They said, "Yes!" 

Here's the scoop.

Leave me a message and tell me what kind of music you like.  Or tell me who your favorite artist is.  Or tell me what your favorite song is.  Or just say hi.  How hard is that?  Feel free to enter as many times as you like.  This will be a random drawing, and I will post the winners tomorrow night sometime (12/24/10).

Now, if you want to add another entry, follow @joeyandrory on twitter.  Come back here and tell me you are following them, and I will count that as an entry as well! 

Then check out this Christmas Video by Joey + Rory

Good Luck & Merry Christmas!!