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A Light Bulb Moment

IdeaLightbulbsmJust the other day I had a light bulb moment. Have you ever had one of those? Some times I feel brilliant after the light bulb goes off, and other times I feel kinda slow. You know… the why didn't I think of that sooner thought.  On this particular day, I felt kinda slow.

Let me explain a little bit.

When I first started blogging, a long, long time ago (2006), I tried to stay away from the touchy topics like religion and politics. I mean, aren't those the topics we avoid most of the time? I know we do at all of our family events, and even church groups. Sometimes it is best to just talk about the weather, sports, or ailments. It's just safer! No arguments, no hurt feelings.

All of that was okay when I first started blogging. But now, the blogging world has blogs about faith/religion, and I feel compelled to write more about my faith, or what God is doing in my life. I want the world to know, and what better place to shout it out than the World Wide Web/Internet/Cloud/Whatever you call it! (I am SO not a techy person!)

Don't worry, I am not going to even try to touch the whole political topics. I just wouldn't know where to begin! The only political advice I will ever give is this…are you ready?…Vote! There ya go, you've got my political advice. 

For the longest time I felt like I shouldn't dip my toe in the religious/faith-filled blog posting because, well, I am not a perfect Christian. (Screeching halt!) Wait! No one is a perfect Christian. No one! 

I felt like I wasn't far enough along in my walk with Jesus. Wait, wait, wait! This might be true to some, but to others I might be a lot farther on my walk than theirs and hopefully we could chat on our walk.  Aren't we supposed to help each other?

Why shouldn't I write about something I am excited about? Why shouldn't I share all that God has done for me? Why shouldn't I step out of my cramped little box where I try to please everyone? You know, it really is comfy in there though. I'm not staying in that little box anymore. I'm taking a leap of faith.

What are your thoughts? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?



The Joy Ride

ACR_7565Believe it or not, this is McD driving an electric car. A friend of ours got one way back when, and we have both driven it. It is a fun little thing to drive, but even more fun to give rides.

A while back, our church did away with Sunday evening services. GASP! I know, but it has been an awesome thing for our church. We'd had Life Groups in the past, but we only met once a month. Nowadays, we meet every Sunday and have a devotional, discuss that mornings sermon, and share a meal together. Then we have a little fun!

ACR_7563The most important thing is to buckle up in a high speed vehicle like this one.  Miss. Eva is helping Miss. Harper out here.

I don't recall how many rides they got, but I do know that the drivers switched somewhere along the way. Now driving is The Dude That Preaches, aka preaching minister, aka Josh, and Daddy to Miss. Harper.

The DTP is also known as Daddy to this little dude, Holden.  We get a kick out of playing with rolly poleys with him, and watching him smash ladybugs.

ACR_7568And Miss. Eva got her fair share of rides too.

Each of these kiddos have a special place in our hearts. It is fun getting to know them, and watch them grow.

Our Life Group is a blessing in our life!


Singing in Church

 Typically I don't write about Religion or Politics, but occasionally something will happen at church that I feel like I need to share. That is what happened this morning.  

You see, I don't sing well. At. All.  Therefore, I sing quietly.  McD might be able to hear me, but that would be about it.  Oh wait, he probably doesn't hear me either because he can't hear very well. What a blessing that is when he sits next to me at church.  I used to wonder why in the world the people that don't sing well seem to always just belt it out.  At first I thought that they are just very brave, because I would be very embarrassed.  

Then it hit me.  They are doing what should be done.  We are there to praise God, and that is exactly what they are doing.  They are not holding back, as I was, they are not embarrassed to praise and glorify God in song whether it is pitchy, or in tune. There is melody in our hearts and God knows it.  He knows that we don't all have voices like some of the greats, he made us.  

So next Sunday I am going to sing a little louder. Then I might sing a little louder the next Sunday as well.  I hope to learn from those that belt it out.