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Rooms by James L. Rubart – Review

RoomsBook Description:

On a rainy spring day in
Seattle, young software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic,
twenty-five-year-old letter from a great uncle he never knew. It claims a
home awaits him on the Oregon coast that will turn his world inside
out. Suspecting a prank, Micah arrives at Cannon Beach to discover a
stunning brand new nine-thousand square foot house. And after meeting
Sarah Sabin at a nearby ice cream shop, he has two reasons to visit the
beach every weekend.

When bizarre things start happening in the rooms of
the home, Micah suspects they have some connection to his enigmatic new
friend, Rick, the town mechanic. But Rick will only say the house is
spiritual. This unnerves Micah because his faith slipped away like the
tide years ago, and he wants to keep it that way. But as he slowly
discovers, the home isn’t just spiritual, it’s a physical manifestation
of his soul, which God uses to heal Micah’s darkest wounds and lead him
into an astonishing new destiny.


When writing book reviews on any website, such as goodreads or amazon, you are given five stars to rate a book, and I need at least ten stars for this one!! The cover itself is worthy of a full five stars!!

I loved this book! Loved. It.

One problem with reviewing a book that I loved is that I want to just ramble on and on, and by the end of the review you would probably not even need to read the book. So I am trying to rein myself in on this one.

Micah, the main character, wasn't a religious person/believer and honestly, if you are not a believer than this book might not be for you. If you are on the edge, or a sure-enough believer, then you will love this book. You may just devour it like I did.

Chaos might not be a strong enough description of Micah's life after he received the twenty-five-year-old letter from his great-uncle. He planned on going to Cannon Beach to see the house that his great-uncle had built just for him, and then put it on the market. He wanted nothing to do with Cannon Beach;  there were nothing but bad memories there. He had the perfect life, until he realized it was changing.

There was certainly a Team Julie vs. Team Sarah vibe going on as I read through this book. I was on Team Sarah, I'm just sayin'.

James L. Rubart has written a great story of good versus evil, one that you just can't get out of your head. There are twists, turns, and lessons to be learned. 

I have become a James L. Rubart fan, and will warn you now, I will be reviewing the rest of his works.

I was given the opportunity to read this title for free via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.