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Slither Slide, What’s Outside? by Nora Hilb & Sheryl and Simon Shapiro – A Review

SlitherSlither Slide, What's Outside? by Nora Hilb & Simon and Sheryl Shapiro

I found this book to be great for little ones to learn from in many ways.

Nora Hilb did a great job illustrating the short poetic phrases, and the photographs add a spectacular touch.  What a wonderful way for the children to associate the phrases to things they can see and hear in real life. 

This was a great pairing of illustration and writing.  I believe little ones will be able to learn about our seasons, counting (count the frogs on the page), sounds, animals, etc. 

I can think of several little ones I could give this to, and I bet you could too.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

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A Secret Keeps by Marsha Wilson Chall – A Review

Book Description:

Before a weekend visit to his grandparents' farm, a little boy discovers that his grandpa has a secret waiting for him. "Grampa, what’s the secret," he asks, but all Grampa will say is, "Finders keepers."

Is the secret in the barn? With the chickens? Hiding in the corn? When the boy finally discovers the answer, he realizes that a secret is indeed for keeping.

My Review:

Cute, cute book!!

I really liked this book.  I read it aloud (to myself) to hear how it would read to our grandkids.  It would be great for a bedtime story.  In fact, the secret was kept so well that it had me curious to discover it.

It is beautifully illustrated, and that is something I like to look at and point out to the kids as we read along. 

I have to say that this book would be a great gift for girls and boys!

Check it out!!  It will be released April 1, 2012, but you can pre-order it now.