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My Battle with Breast Cancer

Chemo Day Fun! First Cars?

ACR_0934 This was my dad's first car.  I don't recall what year it was, but it is a Corvair.  It looked much better when he was driving it, but it backfired all the time.  My mom used to tell us stories about when they were dating.  She said that she always knew when dad turned onto their street.  I am sure he would gun it, and then it would backfire.  I'd be giggling everytime, but I'm weird like that.

My first car was a 1985 Chevy Chevette, but my friend Gin and I called it the "vette."  It was red, and drove about like the Flintstones car.

McD's first car was a Chevy Vega.  I won't even tell you the choices he had to choose from, and he STILL chose the Vega.  Granted, he said his dad talked him into it.  He said it was green.  I will see if I can find a picture of it.  🙂

What was your first car? 

My Battle with Breast Cancer, You Asked - Answers

Any Questions? – Cancer Edition

IMG_0021 Occasionally, I ask you, my readers, if you have any questions for me and today I am doing just that.  But, it is a cancer edition.

Do you read my posts but still have questions about my current condition?  Cancer?  Chemo? Mastectomy?

Now's your chance to ask.

Ask away, and I will answer these questions on Friday, July 29th.

My Battle with Breast Cancer

Research, News, Photos, Appointments, Etc.

I have a great post coming up.  Hopefully I will finish it tonight.  There's lots of codes, and photos, and words.  I might have bitten off more than I can chew. 😉

I just wanted to stop and let you know that the post is coming.  I am getting ready to go have lunch with one of my best friends in the whole wide world, and then it will be time to do some research on my chemo cocktail.  I have lots to tell you, but it might take a few days to really get it all out there.

Bare with me.

By the way,  I have made a category for all my cancer posts.  It is simply My Battle with Breast Cancer.  But I am working on making it's own little place here on the web.  So I am still taking ideas for the name of that.  There are some pretty good ones there.

See you tonight! Just wait till you see the pics McD took.  Oh my.

My Battle with Breast Cancer

I’ve Got A Strategy!

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I am using the word strategy because I am now in a battle, and in order for me to win this battle I have to have a strategy and a good troop behind me. 

Yesterday, May 9th, I met with a big city surgeon and really, really liked him.  Actually, I really liked his whole staff.  They really seemed to care, genuinely care. 

We left his office almost giddy with excitement that we now have a strategy, and that the battle has begun! 

Here's the strategy:

Bone Scan & Lab work – check

CT Scans – scheduled for today

Injection & Scan of Lymph Nodes  – scheduled for next week

Surgery – scheduled for next week


I have decided to have a mastectomy of my left breast next Tuesday.  After I have completely healed from surgery I will begin my chemotherapy.  At this time, I do not know what kind of chemo I will have or how long I will have it.  After I have finished my treatments I will have a mastectomy of the right breast and reconstruction of both breasts. 

Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about my experiences with the tests I have taken, and my thoughts on how we, as patients, could be better prepared for these types of tests.