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My Battle with Breast Cancer

Funny OobieBay Story

A while back I shared with you what I use as my left oobiebay.  It just happened to come with my post-surgery camisole and I just keep using it. 

That is about all of the background info you need for this little story.  Feel free to laugh, I guarantee that you are laughing with me and not at me on this one.

It wasn't just a regular Sunday morning, it was the Sunday that I knew I wouldn't have to miss church anymore because of the side effects of chemo.  It was the Sunday that I had been looking forward to since June 26th.  That was the first Sunday I missed church because of the side effects. 

As soon as I walked in the door of the church building I was welcomed with hugs and handshakes.  I made my way into the auditorium, and there again I received many hugs and handshakes.  After our communion, we send all of the little ones to children's church, and have a brief minute or two of fellowship which was full of hugs.  It made me feel great!

After the services, as we were headed to the door (more hugs & handshakes), a nice lady stopped me to tell me about a ribbon cutting she had been to at a cancer resource center here.  She proceeded to tell me that they have wigs, bras, head scarves, bras, stocking caps, bras, mastectomy bras, and all kinds of stuff.  I thought it was odd that she mentioned bras at least four times, but thought maybe she was just trying to remember everything.  I didn't give it a second thought.

McD and I finally made it out the door, and were headed to the pick-up when it hit me.

You see, that morning I put on a camisole instead of the sports bra I usually wear.  I remembered thinking, "I sure hope that oobiebay poof stays in place."  It turns out that I didn't need to worry about the poof moving, it was my real oobiebay that started drooping.  I am sure it was from raising my arms for all those hugs.  So the poof stayed put and looked nice and perky, but the real one went south – I was so lop-sided you couldn't miss it!

That is why she kept mentioning the bras, I just know it!

I think I will always wear the bra from here on out!!

My Battle with Breast Cancer

Cancer/Chemo – Probably To Much Information

I have to say that there are things in this post that I really never thought I would talk about, but since I am trying to keep all of this as real as possible I thought I better.

The side effects of chemo are can be a little different for each person, I realize this but some of them are pretty much the same.  So, I know there are a few ladies out there getting ready to have some of these side effects and if I can warn you about them then you might be a little more prepared.

You've probably been told about the metallic taste in your mouth, and how your taste buds seem to work against you.  Well, believe it or not, half the time I still use my silverware, but I do keep plastic ware handy.  Another thing to keep handy is straws.  I have found that when my taste buds are at their worst even water tastes funny sometimes, so I use a straw and it isn't nearly as bad.

The worst part the metallic taste for me is that my taste buds aren't letting me eat some of my favorite foods like cheese and tomatoes.  Sometimes I can't even drink tea, and that my friends is heartbreaking.  It is hot, hot, hot here, and a nice tall glass of sweet tea is usually a welcomed treat.  Not so much during chemo.  So sad, but it will be over soon.

Another side effect, for me anyway, is weight gain.  It is because I am eating more than usual, and I know this.  But the steroids they give me makes me want to eat, and since the salty stuff tastes horrible then I eat the sweet stuff.  I'm gonna need a new wardrobe before long.

This is my left oobiebay when I choose to wear it.  Right before I had my mastectomy, I fretted about looking lopsided.  After everything was said and done, I rarely use this.  I do sometimes if the shirt I am wearing just doesn't look right without it, but a lot of the times I and the One-oobba Wonder. 

Let's talk about hairloss.  My arm pit hair was the first to go.  I can't remember the last time I shaved my pits, and I love it!  They are smoother now than they have ever been.  Well, they were smooth like this before I grew pit hair, but you know what I mean.  So far, I haven't lost all of my hair.  I still have my eyebrows (yea) and some of my eyelashes, but everywhere else it is disappearing.  Legs are still kind of prickly, but believe it or not I don't even mind anymore.  I walk around in my capris and shorts with my prickly hairy legs, and I don't care.

It is so funny how cancer and chemo change a person's mindset, or my mindset anyway.  Used to, I would never wear pants or shorts that showed my legs if I hadn't shaved.

Did I mention that this post might be too much information (TMI)?

I am experiencing menopausal symptoms these days.  That is interesting.  With me just being forty, my doctor smiled at my yesterday and told me that I would more than likely start having my regular cycles again when this is all over.  So you know what that means?  I get to do menopause twice!  Yippee!!  At least I will know what to expect the second time around, right? 

There's always a silver lining.  Or is there?  Usually I say there is ALWAYS a silver lining, but I am failing to see the silver lining in this next one.

No one told me I'd possibly or probably get hemorrhoids.  I talked to McD about them, but I couldn't bring myself to tell my doctor.  After telling McD about them in detail, I told him not to tell the doctor.  I told him that I really didn't want the doctor to you know, look at them.  Or feel for them.  Oh goodness.  I am going through enough without that having to happen too!  So, when the doctor asked about my BMs and if they were regular, soft, dark in color, or having diarrhea I just said they were fine.  They ARE fine, it's just wear it comes out that might or might be a little tender at times.

UPDATED to add that I told the nurse about my roids today.  Mine are internal, and they were kind of surprised that I even had them.  I am just supposed to let them know if they get worse.  And she said he wouldn't have looked at them anyway. 🙂

Too much information?  I warned ya! 

I think I will post about some of our vacation after this one. HA!