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Walking on Sea Glass by Julie Carobini – My Thoughts

Walking on Sea Glass Book Cover Walking on Sea Glass
A Sea Glass Inn Novel
Julie Carobini
Women's Fiction, Inspirational, Romance
Dolphin Gate Books
May 24, 2016

Book Description:

"Poignant ..." ~ Kathryn Cushman, author of Finding Me and Fading Starlight

Falling in love could tear them apart ...

 Suddenly single, Liddy Buckle flees the desert to work at an up-and-coming seaside resort with her best friend, Meg. The breezy backdrop of an inn by the sea offers Liddy the dream of starting fresh, but soon she is shocked to discover another setback brewing in her life. Despite the battle that lies ahead, she finds herself drawn to Beau Quinn, a captivating widower with a wounded heart of his own. 

As Beau and Liddy's burgeoning relationship attempts to survive, will Liddy have the courage to trust a man again--especially one as emotionally fragile as Beau? Can Beau commit to a woman facing a challenging recovery? 

 And what is going on behind the scenes at Sea Glass Inn, where late night deliveries and secret meetings are spoken about in whispers? Set in a fictional California seaside town, Walking on Sea Glass weaves a romantic story of courage, faith, and the power of true love.
My Thoughts:
I feel like I need to tell you something before I tell you my thoughts on the newest release from Julie Carobini, Walking on Sea Glass. Julie and I go way back, well that might be an exaggeration; I've been reading Julie's books for a long time. In fact, I think I have read everything she has published. So, you might say that I am a fan.
When I saw the cover of Walking on Sea Glass, I saw an inn that I would love to visit. I love the ocean, the beach, and the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. In fact, I decided to put myself on the beach to read. Yes, I'm landlocked in Oklahoma, but Spotify (who has no idea who I am) has Nature Sounds playlists with the sounds of Ocean Waves. I pushed play, and I could picture myself on the beach right where the couple is walking.
Chapter one brought back memories of my mom and my aunt taking all five of us kids on road trips. Oh, the days before GPS and Siri.  It brought back memories of me going to the lake with my family, and everything was always great at the lake.  Maybe not the ocean, but a smaller body of water.
Carobini has a wonderful way of making each of her characters relate-able to her audience. Her writings are real and pure. Her version of romance is perfect. When you google the definition of romance it says that romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. They could list every one of Julie's books as references to this definition.
Liddy goes through many things that many of us have gone through. It really could have been a true story, and I really could have been her friend. She's a character that I found myself pulling for, and found her creeping into my everyday thoughts.
Shawn really should've been punished. Meg, Liddy's BFF, and I could be BFFs too. She offered to key Shawn's car, so I am not the only one that feels like he should be punished. Yes, I do know that they are just characters in a book.  Beau sounds like such a good guy from the beginning. You know the type - owns his own business, good looking, church-going, and fun. He was probably the captain of his high school football team. But he has been dealt a pretty tough hand in life, and I completely understand why he takes things kind of slow.
There is a bit of mystery to this story, and when it is reveal toward the end of the book I literally laughed out loud.  You know, LOL. It was funny to me because in today's world it is such a real possibility.  I love the scenarios that each character comes up with. Is the chef dealing drugs or in the mob? Just like in real life, everyone has their opinions and there's quite a bit of chatter the inn about the chef and the restaurant. You will love it when the truth is revealed!
Like I said, I do know that Liddy, Beau, Trace, Meg and Pepper are all fictional characters, but Julie brings them to life, and I hated for the book to end. I wanted to finish the book to find out what happened, but I didn't want it to end so soon. Does that make sense?
Walking on Sea Glass was just released today, May 24, 2016.  I'd say it was perfect timing to be a summer read.  It's just under 300 pages, and it will keep you interested the whole way through.  You will cheer, scowl, wince and cheer again! Walking on Sea Glass is wonderfully real, pure, and refreshing!
Now I am going to go find Liddy, Meg and Trace on Facebook. Kidding, I am just kidding.
Thank you to the author, Julie Carobini, for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
Confessions, Travel

Half Moon Bay, CA

We travel quite a bit with McD's job, and I can honestly say that we would never be able to stay at these nice places if it weren't business related.

Let me tell you about this last trip.

We went to Half Moon Bay, CA, and stayed at the Ritz-Carlton. (I told you we wouldn't be able to go to these places.)

The photo above is just one of the many beautiful views from the coastal trail.

This photo is also from the coastal trail. There is a nice little bridge with this view out onto the ocean. The air coming off of the water was so cold that we each snapped a photo, and then moved on.

Yes, I said the air coming off of the water was so cold. This is not your sunny California location. This was the forecast for the week we were there.

Our first day there was sunny, and felt warmer than 57 degrees. After that, it was misting, chilly, and cloud covered, but it was still beautiful!!

ChairsKinda pretty, huh?

This is the best Key Lime Pie I have ever eaten, nevermind it was the first piece I ever ate. 🙂 If you have a chance to go to Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, you must eat a piece of this pie.

It is kind of hard to tell what this is, but you know I will tell you. This is a semi-hairless dog. It was the ugliest dog I have ever seen in person. It was very friendly, but certainly not one of the dogs I wanted to pet.

That day McD was free for lunch, so we headed to Pasta Moon in town, and I have to say that was the best Italian food I have ever eaten. It is true Italian food, and all of the pasta is made there on site. Yum!!!


This is the menu for the last night we were there. It looks like a lot of food when it is all printed up like this.

Here's the salad.


And the entree.

EntreeThe prawn were on a plate of their own, and I was happy to share them with one of our friends at our table. I did eat the short ribs and potatoes. I was still a little hungry, so when I received a text from my friend telling me that they had a surprise for me I was pretty excited! She wasn't feeling well, so she and her husband skipped the last dinner. I was sending her photos of the meal that she was missing. 🙂

My surprise? Well, it was a fabulous piece of Key Lime Pie from Sam's Chowder House!!  The only problem was that I didn't have any silverware in my room. The only thing that looked like it could be used as a utensil was a Ritz stamped shoe horn. Don't worry, I didn't. I tore that box apart and ate it right out of the box. 🙂 Where there is a will, there is a way!