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The Struggle by Wanda E. Brunstetter – Review

TheStruggleBook description:

When Timothy Fisher, his wife Hannah, and their daughter Mindy leave
Pennsylvania to begin a new life in Kentucky, Hannah finds it hard to
adjust. Will Christian County ever feel like home? Nothing Timothy does
seems to please Hannah. Has the move from Lancaster spelled the
beginning of the end? When a tragedy occurs, an inconsolable Hannah
blames her husband for their loss. Timothy can barely rise beneath the
weight of guilt, his wife’s hostility, and stress of his job. What
dramatic second chance will God provide to heal their grief?

Review by my friend, Laura.

There is something about the perceived
simplicity of the Amish lifestyle that I find very fascinating.  So when I was given the opportunity to
read this book I jumped at it. 

This book has several storylines, but the main one is about an Amish
couple that move from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and the struggles they go
through.  Hannah is very attached
to her mother so her husband Timothy decides to move the family to Kentucky in
hopes that his wife will finally turn her attention from her mother to
him.  Just as Hannah is finally
adjusting to the move tragedy strikes and their lives are changed forever. 

Ms. Brunstetter does an amazing job of
showing the conflicting emotions of both characters as they deal with their
grief and work to pull their lives back together. 

I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the life of the
Amish people. While they live their life with few of the modern amenities I am
so accustomed to, their relationships and daily struggles are very similar to

I found out after reading it
that this book is the third book in the Kentucky Brothers series, so I will
definitely have to go read the first two books.  I would encourage anyone who enjoys Amish fiction books to
pick this one up today.