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Seals & Starfish & Random Thoughts – Oh my!

Seals & Starfish & Random Thoughts – Oh my!  would be my version of Lions & Tigers & Bears – Oh my!  Well, today's version anyway.

Last weekend I found several files of photos that I had saved but hadn't really looked at in a couple of years.  I was busy, thought I had better things to do, and at the time I probably did.  Now I have some free time, so I am digging into files I haven't seen in a long, long time.  You should try it sometime, it is kind of fun!  You never know what you are going to find.

Yesterday I felt like a starfish.  Except I didn't feel like I crawled up on that rock, I felt like someone threw me there and I went KERSPLAT!  Imagine the old cartoons where KERSPLAT has little explosion lines all around it.  Seriously, I felt like splat.  I have been fighting a head cold, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off has not helped.  That is why yesterday I vegged!  You know, lay like broccoli?  (I love that movie.)

This little dude looks comfortable.  AAHHH, basking in the sun.  Our sun is behind the clouds today, but that is completely fine.  Maybe it will rain.  We have been needing some rain.

What a completely random post.  Have you thought that yet?  I have.

These photos are from our 2008 trip to Monterey, CA.  I hope we go back soon.

It was so much fun to watch these guys play. 

So yesterday I did some channel surfing.  I came across The View, and while I am not a huge fan of that show I am a fan of our former Survivor star Elisabeth.  I paused a bit when I heard what they were talking about.  Did you see that show yesterday?  Barbara Walters brought up a "hot subject," doesn't Whoopi call them "hot topics?"  Anyway, she said that someone has come out and said that they have discovered that wind caused the Red Sea to part, you know back in the Bible days. I am paraphrasing all of this.

Read Exodus 14;21-22

She said big wind, but we already knew that because that is what it says in the Bible.  Read it.  I promise it says "a strong east wind."

She asked the other gals what they thought, and I absolutely loved Elisabeth's answer.  It makes perfect sense, and I hope she doesn't mind but I will be using this line over and over.  As long as I can remember it. 🙂

Elisabeth said, (paraphrasing again) People always want to know who designed that dress, or those shoes, and they never stop to think of who designed the things in nature. 

They didn't just happen, they were designed.  God was the designer.  In fact, he designed the designers that designed the clothes, shoes, medicines, etc. 

Sorry, soap box.  I will step down now.  I just thought she made a really good point!  Thanks Elisabeth!!  I really wish you were on a different show.

This guy had a little itch.

Look at how all of these babies pile up on their mama.  I am just assuming this is their mama, but you have to admit that it is cute.  I just wanted to reach out and pet them.

Awww, look at this cute little face.  You know as people we are known to wear our hearts on our sleeves.  But this little one wears it's heart on it's nose.   Nose?  Well, you see what I mean.

They look like majestic creatures, don't they?

So speaking of creatures, ha, is anyone excited to watch the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory?  I can't wait!!! I won't be answering my phone, emails, texts, or the door.  Just so you know.

I mean really, how stinkin' cute is this one?  It modeled for me.  You know, moving his head from side to side.  Moving his chin up and down, to the left and to the right.  I have quite a few shots of him.  Maybe it is a her.  I don't know.  It is adorable though.

I can't believe it is season premiere week.  Are you looking forward to any particular shows this season?  Are you as shocked as I am that Steven Tyler is a judge on American Idol?  I had decided not to watch it anymore.  It just won't be the same without Simon.  But then they throw Steven Tyler in judges chair, and now I have mixed feelings.  I might have to watch the audition portion of the show, but that is it.  

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to do exactly what this little guy is doing.  I needed a nap so bad.  I am not a napper, so I knew the head cold was getting the best of me.  I am still fighting it.  A little head cold won't keep this chick down. 🙂

Do you like this randomness?

I am reading the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy.  Have you read it?  Let me just say, if you are looking for a really fast read or if you are wanting a book that sucks you in and won't let you put the book down to even cook supper then these books are for you.

I literally would cook with my nook right beside me.  I almost burnt supper a few times, but it's all good. 

When you read a good series of books do you read the last book slower than you read the others?  I do.  I just don't really want it to end, so I seem to read slower so it continues longer.  Yea, I'm a weirdo. 

It really cracks me up how these guys lay all over each other. 

Since we are talking about television shows today, does anyone know when the Amazing Race starts again? 

Who thinks Ree & Marlboro Man should be on the Amazing Race?  I do!  I think we should encourage them to try out for the show. 

I am running out of photos. Darn!


Today I am combining my Thankful Thursday with this post. 

I am so thankful for so many things, but today I am just going to mention one.

My husband.

I cannot imagine my life without McD.  He is perfect for me.  He knows me better than anyone else.  He can settle my nerves by just being in the same room with me.  He makes me smile, laugh, and sometimes cry.  The good cry, you know, like when you laugh so hard you cry or milk comes out of your nose.  He is a Christian man who helps me be a better Christian.  He accepts me for who I am.  He makes me whole.

I could go on, and on, and on.  But for now I will stop.  McD makes my world go round.  That's all.