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Shout Outs

Shout Outs

My Eye! (& an update)

Go over to Testify the Blog today to check out a photo of the inside of my eye.  It is SO cool!! 

This afternoon I will be back with all kinds of new details. 

I will just say this.  I have picked a surgeon and we are now on the path to recovery.  It is so exciting!

Shout Outs


Jenni did it again! Thanks, friend! But here's one from me to you!


But, if you want to know what gets stuck in McD's head it's this.


Now I have to go share Mountain Dew (the song) with the grandkids. McD said so. And I am sure he will sing it all day long.

Shout Outs

For my friend, Jenni aka PrairieAir

No, I don't think she is so vain.  She got this song stuck in my head 2 or 3 days ago, I've been singing it for so long now all the days are blurring together.

So, Jenni, this song's for you!! I hope you sing it for 3 days too!


Shout Outs

Meeting for the First Time

A while back I received news that our friend Bush Babe was coming to visit.  Instantly, excitement went through me!  I have read her blog for years, and never imagined that we would really meet. In. Person.

But we did. 

And I forgot my camera.  I was so worried about getting things done and getting over there that I just wasn't thinking clearly.

Please take a look at the photos that were taken that night.  I am so glad BB had her camera, because that other chick that was there didn't have hers either.

Bush Babe of Oz

Now, isn't she lovely! She is a gorgeous lady, who is not only beautiful on the outside she is a beauty through and through – all the way to the bone. :) 

And I miss her already!


And McD had a great time visiting with her husband. He is finally talking like an American again, but he tends to use some of the Aussie terminology just to make me giggle.

Shout Outs

A Homemade Valentine

This year I decided to try my hand at some homemade Valentine's for the grandkids.  I wanted to make and decorate cookies for the boys, and make gumball necklaces for the girls. 

The cookies turned out great!  The icing of them wasn't so great.  You see, I wanted to use royal icing because I have to ship the cookies, but I just don't think the kids will like the taste of the royal icing.  Don't get me wrong, royal icing is beautiful but it doesn't have that sweetness that you except a sugar cookie to have.  All I needed was them thinking that Grandma can't make good cookies.  So, after several batches of icing I decided this might not be the year for all homemade gifts.

I finally found a way to ice the cookies where they taste great, and they would harden enough for me to ship them without damaging them.  But I found this way a little too late.  There was no way I could get them to the kids in time for Valentine's Day.   Thank goodness for Southern Season, they had my back.

But, we do have a granddaughter that lives closer and we hope to see her this weekend.  Hope is the keyword.  So, I made her one of the gumball necklaces.

First of all, you need some gumballs. 

All I could find were Double Bubble gumballs.  At first I was a little annoyed that they were all stamped with the DB logo, but after piercing several of them the little crown like logo was growing on me. 

Next, you need some ribbon.

Keep in mind, you will also need a metal skewer to pierce the gumballs, and a needle to thread the gumballs on the ribbon.

My issues were with the needles.  Oh. My. Word.  I found some needles in one of my crafty stashes, but the eyes were so weak they broke right away.  Finally, I found a needle packed away in McD's mother's sewing kit that she had used so many years ago.  (Thanks MJ!)

After getting several gumballs on the ribbon things started going a little more smoothly.

See, the little logos?  They are kind of fun, I think.


It doesn't look to terribly bad.  I did sample a gumball, and it was pretty darn good. 🙂

I found this crafty gumball necklace idea over at One Charming Party

This was a pretty simple craft to do.  I thought it would be a fun one to do with kids, but please be sure to have an adult pierce the gumballs. 

All in all, I broke a couple of needles, poked myself with the needle that I was piercing the gumballs with, and came away with a super cute gumball necklace.

Shout Outs

The 2011 Bloggies – Best Sports Weblog

There are so many different weblogs nominated for the 2011 Bloggies that I am going to run out of days to highlight each category.  Darn it.  So, I will try to shorten these little highlight posts and get to more of them today. 

Now, onto the nominees for the Best Sports Weblog.


First impression:  This is a sports blog?

Now, I am just being honest here.  My first impression wasn't great, but let me tell you why.  When I hear that this blog is nominated for the category of The Best Sports Weblog, then I expect a little sports.  With that said, (Oh I so felt like I was in the elimination room at The Biggest Loser after saying "with that said.") I see what they are doing with this blog.

It isn't the typical sports blog, it is more of a blog that talks about the players, shows photos of the players on and off the field, and highlights the different things some of our favorite players are doing, saying, and wearing. 

So, if you are looking for a sports blog that is going to give you the highlight of the games, the scores, and the stats then I think you will want to look at a different blog.  This blog doesn't seem to be that kind of blog. 

It is cute, and put together nicely.  It is pink. 🙂

Sports Fix Chicago

First impression:  This is a sports blog.

It might seem like a lame first impression, but after leaving the first blog I was wondering what kinds of blogs were considered "sports blogs."  I feel like I am getting back into the sports world after reading parts of this blog.

Now, you don't have to be a Chicago fan to enjoy this blog because they seem to cover the events going on now as well as every sport based in Chicago.  They cover the Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blawkhawks, and the Fighting Illini.  They even cover the PGA and Fantasy Leagues. 

Nice blog.

Kissing Suzy Kolber

First impression:  This is a sports blog?

Okay, I must have the wrong idea of what a sports blog is.  This is a humor blog.  It states it right on the first page.  "Kissing Suzy Kolber is a humor site dedicated solely to the NFL."  Key words = humor site.

And there is humor on this blog.  There is.  There is also a lot of photos of pro players, and even some other celebrities. 

Bree Wee

First impression:  Wow! A real Ironman woman.  Really!

Who is Bree Wee?  Read this.

This woman is impressive.  I am looking forward to reading about her training, and her competitions. 

This isn't a blog about alot of different sports, it is a blog about one athlete training for one sport, and I like it.


First impression:  Hmmm. Kind of a ranty kind of blog.  Ranty Rants about sports.

I don't know, my momma said that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.  So the whole rant thing just isn't my style.  It may be for other people, but just not for me. 

It is a nice looking blog though.  Very organized. 


Well, I want to wish everyone luck at The 2011 Bloggies.  I know who I am voting for here.  Do you?

Sorry, didn't keep this as short as I would have liked. :( 

Shout Outs

The 2011 Bloggies – Best Travel Weblog

Let's check out the travel blogs that have been nominated for the 2011 Bloggies. 

My Itchy Travel Feet

First impression:  EW! Sorry! I was just grossed out by the header on this one. 

After getting past the header, I really like the writing style on this blog.  It is smooth, almost like having a conversation smooth. 

Hole in the Donut

First Impression:  Beautiful Photos

Barabara is "Discovering the world, one culture at a time."  She is discovering the worlds, and cultures that I will never experience in my life.  But, thanks to Barbara I am able to learn about them and admire them through her stories and her photos. 

I will be revisiting this blog in the future.

The Vacation Gals

First Impression:  FUN!

Do you need expert advice on family travel, girlfriend getaways, or romantic escapes?  If so, this blog is for you! 

Well, it is for us anyway!  McD and I have been trying to figure out where to go on a little vacation.  We've taken two vacations in our 19 years of marriage, and we are ready to get away.  The business trips we go on are nice.  We really like the people that we see when we are on those trips, but we really just want to take a trip with just the two of us.

Vacation Gals, I'll be back!

Everything Everywhere

First Impression: WOW!

Part of my first impression had to do with a photo that Gary has on his site.  There was a photo of a couple on the beach at sunset.  Now, I've mentioned that McD and I really want to go on a vacation.  I think I have sold him on going somewhere on a beach.  This is something that I want to do. 

Then I scrolled down some and there is an even more inviting shot of a dock going out over the water.  I'm sold.  Where do I sign up to go to Curacao? 

Camels & Chocolate

First Impression: Love the travel photos.  Dang it! What is the deal with all the feet on these travel sites?

I love her story about a well-known band asking her to promote their event.  You can read about it here.  If you are a blogger, writer, photographer, crafter, or just a creative person you should really read this.

I have bookmarked this blog, and will be happily reading her well-written posts this afternoon. 🙂


Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am not a feet person.  There, I said it. 

I don't know about you, but I am really enjoying visiting all the blogs that have been nominated for the 2011 Bloggie Awards. 

And I have decided what I would like to do with myself.  I would like to find someone to send me all over the United States to experience different resorts, hotels, beaches, amusement parks, national parks, events, etc.  Then I would blog about it on my own travel blog.  So if you know of anyone out there that would like to send me all over the country to do this, please send them my way. 

Oh yea, I am off in dreamland now.  I almost forgot to tell you,  go over here and vote for your favorite travel blog!