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Slither Slide, What’s Outside? by Nora Hilb & Sheryl and Simon Shapiro – A Review

SlitherSlither Slide, What's Outside? by Nora Hilb & Simon and Sheryl Shapiro

I found this book to be great for little ones to learn from in many ways.

Nora Hilb did a great job illustrating the short poetic phrases, and the photographs add a spectacular touch.  What a wonderful way for the children to associate the phrases to things they can see and hear in real life. 

This was a great pairing of illustration and writing.  I believe little ones will be able to learn about our seasons, counting (count the frogs on the page), sounds, animals, etc. 

I can think of several little ones I could give this to, and I bet you could too.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


Downfall by Terri Blackstock – A Review

Book Description:

Emily Covington has turned her life around after a drug addiction, but her family still has trouble trusting her. Though Emily has committed herself to a year-long treatment program and has been sober for almost a year beyond that, even her mother walks on eggshells around her, fearing she'll relapse. After her behavior during her drug years, Emily realizes she has a lot to prove.

When police discover a homemade bomb under Emily's car, and she then learns the wife of one of her friends was murdered that same morning, she knows things are deadly serious. But who wants Emily dead? And why?

A conversation she had with two men, an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and a plan for a double murder all conspire for one explosive ride … and Emily is the only one who can identify the killer and save the life of the next potential victim. As she frantically works to solve this ever more complicated puzzle, Emily finds herself playing right into the killer's hands.

My Review:

When I was asked to review this book I didn't realize that this was the third and final book in Terri Blackstock's Intervention Series, and I hadn't read the first two books.   I jumped right in, and two hours later realized that I really needed to get up and get some things done before my husband got home.  Blackstock has done a great job of giving us all the details we need to stay caught up in the story.

After reading the first chapter of Downfall, I started questioning whether this was really a Christian fiction book.  It is, but it is more of a thriller. There are twists and turns in this storyline that kept me guessing the entire time. 

There are several things I like about this book; it flows so smoothly, the characters are true to life, and after watching CSI, Criminal Minds, and NCIS I have to say that this is a believable story.  It is a thriller, but it isn't so far fetched that have a hard time getting into it.  Blackstone has the ability to lasso your interest and tie it down for hours at a time. 

Great read!

I'm pretty sure I am going to have to get the other two books in this series now.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Home & Garden, Reviews

A New Pan!

Okay, I completely forgot I took this photo and I took the photo so I could remember to post a review on it. Can you say brain burp?  Excuse me.

Years ago I bought a large 12" non-stick pan, and I loved it! Loved. It!  But here recently I noticed that the non-stick coating had started to chip.  I don't really know why, because "I" never used anything but safe utensils with it.  I can't speak for everyone in the house though (there are two of us).  I did put it in the dishwasher, but it did say it was dishwasher safe.  But who really cares why it chipped?  It lasted for years, and it was an inexpensive Martha Stewart pan from Kmart. 

Pans have come a long way since I bought that pan.  Just look at this one.  I love the oval pan. 

But I would love it more if I had a larger stove-top.  I was under the impression that the pan would heat evenly, but I don't get that.  I have not tried putting it in the oven yet, but will do that eventually.

Although it doesn't heat evenly for me, and it could just be me, I still love it! 

It isn't too heavy, and it is easy to clean.

Now, let's talk about where I got it.  I went to CSN Stores to buy it.  I have bought several things from them, and every time I am very happy with my choices, purchase, and customer service. 

You know, the only time you really hear about someone's experience with a company is when they have a bad experience.  Let's change that!  Let's spread the news when we have a good experience too.

I just did!  Tell me about your latest good experience.


The Bosu Ball Review

Back in the day when I used to go to the gym, I loved working out with the Bosu Ball.  Loved it!

I think the challenge of actually standing on the crazy thing was part of the reason, but it seemed to work so many different muscles at once, and that was the rest of the reason. 

When CSN stores asked me to do a review of a product, I chose the Bosu Ball

Screen shot 2010-10-21 at 8.35.26 AM

Granted, I had used one before and I loved it.  But I had only been able to do one or two exercises on it, so I was super anxious to do an ab workout with the Bosu. 

I don't have a six-pack, but my abs are pretty strong.  I don't want to brag or anything, but when McD and I start working our abs, I can pretty much blow him away.  I can't beat him at many other things, so I have to savor these moments.

The ball came with a workout DVD that has 4 different work outs on it.  I was able to do the ab workout yesterday, and I loved it.  I am going to do it again today.  I actually felt my abs burning, and it felt so good!!

The other workouts are for cardio, yoga/pilate type, and a full body workout as well.  I can't wait to try the other workouts. 

If you go to this website you can read the customer reviews.  So far, the Bosu Ball has received 4.9 stars out of 5.  I am headed over there now to do my review. 

Go check out the CSNStores, they have just about anything and everything you can imagine.


Purex 3-in-1

A while back I was asked to do a survey on a Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheet.  As a thank you they sent me a free sample of the brand new item.

Here it is.  Looks good.  Sounds good.

I mean look at what this is supposed to be able to do.

It is supposed to simplify laundry.  Who wouldn't want that?

The 3-in-1 stands for the detergent + softener + anti-static.  Sounds good, right?

I took it out of the package and smelled it.  It even smelled good.

This is what it looked like.  The blue portion is supposed to be the detergent, the green line is supposed to be the softener, and the while portion is the anti-static. 

So, I read the directions just to be sure I did everything just right.  I loaded the washer and waited.  You know it seems like the washer takes a really long time when you are waiting on it to finish.

The washer finished and I grabbed the clothes to see if the smell good stayed with them.  Um, not so much.  I then started digging around in the washer to find the laundry sheet.  I guess I shouldn't have washed whites with it because it kind of just blended in.  :)  Silly me.  I finally found it and this is what it looked like.

I took this picture and then threw it in the dryer with the clothes.  I even smelled the laundry sheet again, thinking that maybe, just maybe it held the scent and would release it during the drying process.

Um, not so much. 

The clothes were clean, no doubt about that.  They just didn't smell good.  Don't get me wrong they didn't smell bad, but I like to smell a fresh clean smell.  These clothes didn't really smell at all. 

So, would I buy these?  Probably not.  Not until they make them to where the clothes have a scent to them.  I will stick to my other laundry detergents and fabric softeners.


What Are You Reading?

It is time to see what you guys are reading.  I keep going on about books I am reading/listening to (Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire right now), and I would like to know what you are reading.

You see, I don't do this just to be nosy.  I do it for ideas on what to read next.  Right now I have several on my list.

The Help

In The Woods

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

So now it is time for your reviews.  What are you reading?  Have you read something lately that I just have to read?  Let me know.