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Adding To Our Family

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If you know me at all, then you know that I love animals.  One problem with this is that we live in the middle of nowhere, and that is exactly where people dump unwanted pets. 

I stopped the pick-up, got out, and started the typical baby puppy talk.  She came right to me, wagging her tail the whole time.  I picked her up, and she clinged to me like a baby to it's momma.  We loaded up into the pick-up and went home.

When we got home, she wasn't too sure about the other dogs, and Abby wasn't too sure of her either.  Mia really could've cared less.  If dogs could roll their eyes, then that is exactly what Mia would have been doing.  The new puppy was growling at them, and eventually started barking yipping at them.  But, she clinged to me the whole time. 

We made it into the house, and she laid at my feet under my desk.  When I came back in from feeding the cows, McD had found her hiding under my desk.  I had texted him photos and videos of her, so seeing her there wasn't a surprise. 

After we ate our supper, and settled in to watch a little television, the pup made her way into McD's lap.  It was then that he told me that he could kill me for bringing the pup home.  He liked her.  I liked her too, but I wasn't going to be the one asking to keep her.  It had to be his decision to keep her. 

I tried to find her owner, but no one came forward.  We watched the lost ads in the newspaper, but none appeared.  Someone had dumped her, and it just happened to be her lucky day.  We discussed names for her, we called her several names before finally deciding on one. 

Everyone, I'd like for you to meet Pepper.

Pepper, meet everybody.

Now that you have been properly introduced, let me tell you a little more about this little cutie.

We took her to the vet, and he said that she is approximately 4 months old.  We have given her a birthdate of September 15th, just because.  We noticed that one of her jawbones looked larger than the other, so I asked the vet about it.  What he said broke my heart.  He told us that it looked like it had been broken.  I don't even want to tell you about the images that went through my mind.  I am just glad that she is with us now, and won't ever be hurt ever again.

We weren't really ready to potty train another puppy, but we did it and in record time I might add.  Pepper is a very smart pup.  Don't worry, I am not going into the whole, my puppy is smarter than your puppy thing. :)  But she probably is, I'm just saying.  She is very patient.  She is good on a leash.  She now knows what "no" means, and she seems to remember.  She loves our clothes, socks and shoes.  I know what you are thinking, and nope, she doesn't chew on them.  She lays on them. 

Pepper spends most of her evenings cuddled up with McD in his recliner.   During the day, she hangs out with the big girls.

Welcome home Pepper!! Welcome home!  (I hear Ty Pennington's voice when I say that, do you?)


Caught In the Act – Abby

ACR_3112hAbout a month ago this is what I saw as I looked out my bedroom window.  As I ran down the hall to grab my camera I hoped they would still be there.  My luck with our dogs is that they stop doing what I want to get a photo of by the time I get my camera.  This time they had no idea I wanted the shot. 

Is it bad that I would rather run and get my camera instead of stopping the digging?  Don't answer that McD!

ACR_3114hLook at that dirt fly? Right before I snapped this one, Mia was getting dirt thrown in her face.

ACR_3116hLook at those guilty paws! 

Look how deep that hole is!

McD wasn't too happy when he got home.

ACR_3118hBut, as you can tell from this photo, she was ready for a nap and was sleeping when he got home.  It takes a lot out of a girl digging that deep of a hole! 

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The Baby Elephant & A Cutie Patootie

The other day I got some pretty bad news, but I decided to surround myself with some of my closest family.  I felt like I needed to see them, so they could see that I am really doing okay.  I have breast cancer; I'm not dying.

I was visiting with my sister last Saturday morning and we decided to meet at the OKC Zoo that afternoon.  Usually I am a big planner, but not that day.

We went to see the new baby elephant.  That was our goal.  Little did we know that we would have to stand in line for 30 minutes to see the little thang.  :)  We arrived at the zoo at 3 pm not knowing that the zoo closed at 5 pm.  Oops.  Then we had to kill 30 minutes standing in line, but it was SO worth it.  So worth it!

Look at that little cutie.  She did not move very far from her momma. 

The whole time we are watching her Lawrence, my nephew, was yelling at her.  "Watch the daddy poop!  Watch out for the daddy poop!"  We tend to turn heads anywhere we go.

You see these two?

These two are inseparable when we all get together. Lawrence doesn't want me, his momma, or sometimes even his daddy.  He wants his uncle.  His Stinkin' Ol' Uncle.  Just between you and me, I don't blame him.

Wanna see what they are looking at?  It was just the absolute cutest thing.  (FYI, I say that about almost every animal at the zoo. Almost.)

Isn't it adorable?  There were several of them swimming around with their momma, but I gravitated toward this one.

As we walked away, this is what I saw. 

I'm not sure why I like taking photos like this, but I love it.  They are both so happy, and having such a good time.

I'm not sure what is being said, but apparently someone is in trouble.

Still have no idea what was said, but we got a giggle out of it.

This guy refused to look at me.  No matter how many times I said hello, he just ignored me. 

Some of my favorite moments at the zoo were the moments that my nephew saw something awesome.  Every animal at a zoo is awesome to a child.  Oh, who am I kidding, I am in awe too.

We didn't tell him that was his long lost Great Uncle.  Maybe we will tell him on the next trip. 🙂

As soon as we climbed down the hill, we noticed a little sign. 

Oops. But everyone else was doing it! :/

This was the handsome little guy we hung out with that day.

I love you, Lawrence!!

On our way to get cotton candy, lemonade, and snocones we ran across this guy.  I think it is a Komodo Dragon.



We had a lot of fun! 

It was so good to get out, laugh, hug on my other handsome nephew G, and take a break from life. 

All the bad stuff disappears while you are at the zoo.




Yesterday morning it was quite foggy.  It didn't really start to lift until around 10 o'clock.  But it seemed to lift in stages, and was quite pretty!

I tried to capture the moment to share it with you.

You can kind of see where the fog has lifted, but in the background it is still hanging around. 

Just thought I'd give you a little glimpse into my world. 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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One of My Favorite Things About Spring

Day before yesterday I spent a lot of time outside.  I wanted to get photos of a momma cow delivering her baby calf into our world, but it didn't quite work out that way.  Read yesterday's post to get those details.

The sun was setting as I walked through the cattle.  Some of the babies were having supper, and some were still frisky and hadn't settled down yet. 

This little guy was following me around.  He is only about a week old, but he is a frisky little guy.  I catch him kicking his legs up and really enjoying himself.  He is one of my favorites. 

Okay, we have around 20 of these little guys and girls running around right now, and are waiting for more.  I say this one is my favorite, but honestly they are all adorable.  So I have about 20 favorites right now. HA!

Hope you don't mind, but you might be seeing lots of photos of my favorites. 

This is one of my favorite things about Spring.  What is yours?


Almost Wordless Wednesday – And We’re Calving.

Last night one of our heifers had her first baby calf. 

Now, our cows have been calving for a while, but our heifers have just begun.

McD was out of town, so I had to pull this baby all by myself.  I've never had to do it *by myself*.  I was always the go-for person.  Go for this, get that, you get my drift.  But not last night.

I was super excited when I walked out to the barn this morning and saw our new little guy walking around, and even having a little breakfast.

Momma and baby this morning.  Now that is a pretty picture.


The Missing Dish Towel

Have you ever walked into another room carrying your dish towel, and just by chance set it down and walk back to where you started from.  Then search everywhere for that stinkin' dish towel!  It might not have been a dish towel in your house.  It could have been a pen, a piece of paper, remote, or your phone. 

It drives me nuts when I do things like that.  So, when my dish towel went missing I didn't think much about it.  It had to be around here somewhere. I grabbed another one and went on about my business.

That was months ago.

Fast forward to our latest snow storm.

Abby loved being out in the snow, and I HAD to get some photos.  Had to.

Notice the snow on her nose?  She loves the snow!

But what is that by her foot?

It is my black dish towel!!


Oh look! A piece of wood. :)  She is as bad as I am, oh oh shiny pen, where was I?

Oh yea, the dish towel.  I think she has claimed it as her own. 

Our snow has been gone for quite some time, but I am starting to find small pieces of my dish towel laying around. 

Come to find out, the few months was more like a year.  When I carried my dish towel away one day, I carried outside got in the Gator and accidentally left it there.  It must have blown out, and Abby claimed it as her own.

Guess I need to pay more attention to what I am doing around here.


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Looking Back – February

Today seemed like a great day to look back at all of my February posts from years past.  And how I wish I hadn't. 


Occassionally, I sit around and watch our cattle.  It is something I love to do.  Cattle have different personalities just like you and I.  It is hilarious.  This little dude was one of my favorites, before we sold him.  Little 18 loved drinking water from the hose.  Really!

I had a horrible Dumb & Dumber moment at McD's grandmother's house.  Oh, wow.  I had forgotten about this one.

And we broke ground on our new home.  I never thought it would happen, but dreams do come true!  They do!!


This Valentine's Day post was dedicated to my husband.  It was also Thankful Thursday.  I forgot all about this post, but I still feel the same way.  Don't think it is ever going to change.

I experienced Jury Duty for a brutal case.  You will need to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 to get the whole story.


I took a little blogging break here, so there weren't many posts in the archives. 

Paul Harvey left this wonderful world.

The Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Michael Phelps were on my mind.


I found out that George Clooney is a bad kisser.

McD was "Waitin' on a Woman" at Wal-Mart.

We lost one of the loves of my life.  Hoss.  (McD – don't click on this one. Trust me.  Stef – you either!)

And I love this video, it is a must see.  It is the perfect way to end this post.  Especially after reading the post about Hoss.  There was another post about our last night together, but I didn't have the heart to link to another one about him.