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My Helpers

We have a couple of helpers that always go with us to feed the horses and cattle.


Although, sometimes they are more ornery than helpful. Here, Gibbs thinks he has to kiss me while I’m trying to drive around. It’s super nice of him, but…

Then the little fart thinks he is sneaky by stealing cubes while I am filling the buckets.

StealingCubesEven though they bark at the cattle and horses, steal feed, and cover me in kisses while I am trying to drive, I will let them keep helping me feed.


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The Most Expensive Rescue Dog

Look at that sad face. Oh, the poor baby! Let me tell you what happened!

The Ride Home This is what it looks like as we were driving home that morning.  I had just picked up the babies from the vet where they were boarded while we were at a business meeting.  More on the trip another time.

As we were cruising down the road headed to our humble abode, Mia, in all her excitement, accidentally pushed Gibbs out of the pick up window. I can’t imagine that it was on purpose!  I heard him yelp, and saw him hobbling on the side of the road. I slammed on my brakes, threw it into park and ran to him. As soon as I got to him I could tell that his leg was broken. I picked him up and loaded him back in the pick up. Then, I rolled up all the windows!!

We turned around and went right back to the vet. I had called them so they were expecting us. They did x-rays and referred him to an Orthopedic surgeon.  The next morning we picked him up, and took him to Oklahoma City for surgery. The photo with him in the cast on the red towel is a photo of us headed to OKC.  My friend, Brigitte sat in the back seat with him so he wouldn’t be alone. Can I get an “Awe” here?

BrokenXrayHere is the break.

Meeting the SurgeonHere we are waiting to meet his surgeon. He just moaned and groaned. He didn’t want me to move away from him.  Thanks for the photos Brigitte!

MetalXray2This is a photo of the metal plate they used to fix the break. Do you see the white line going out the top of the photo? Well, that is a rod that was placed to help with stability, and would be removed at a later date.

MetalXrayHere’s the other view.

The ConeThis is what he was wearing when we picked him up, The Cone of Shame. I have to say that we are rebels, and we corrupted him too.

Gibbs n Daddy We removed the cone before we were even out of the parking lot.  Doesn’t he look much happier? His daddy was much happier too!

Snuggling with GibbsWhen we first got him home, he wasn’t sure exactly how to snuggle with his hurt leg. But he wanted to be close to his daddy. Spoiled Daddy!

Will post an update on Gibbs soon!



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Chilly Pepper & Chicken and Dumplings

Poor Pepper!

She got a little chilly and practically buried herself in the blanket.  (I helped pull the over up over her back.)

The weather is getting cooler, and it is time for some great comfort food recipes!  I just happened to try a new recipe for Chicken & Dumplings the other day, and it was Yummy!!! I just have to share it with you!

Chickendumplingsphoto from

Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

This was a super duper easy recipe. You’ll have to follow the link for the recipe because it isn’t mine, but I will tell you how I plan to change it when I make it again.

McD loved the taste, but said it could use more of the soupiness.  He didn’t know it was just Cream of Chicken soup, so I plan on adding more of it and maybe chicken broth instead of water. We are also huge fans of all things spicy, so I plan on adding some jalapenos to the crock pot next time as well.

I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Try it, and let me know what you think. It was a winner winner, chicken dinner here at our house.



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Who Does This Remind You Of?

Not long ago, a couple of friends and I went to the Wichita (Kansas) Zoo. We had heard great things about it, and had to go check it out for ourselves. We saw all kinds of cool animals, and exhibits. Our favorite thing of the day was the fruit bats, they were crawling from tree to tree and kind of showing off for us.

But, then we saw this dude.

Take a good look at this and tell me who this reminds you of.  I will give you a hint on who it reminds me of. 🙂

He is in a Disney movie.


Doggy Update

This sweet little girl, Pepper, isn't so sweet anymore. 

If you will recall, I asked for some advice regarding our girls that were fighting all the time. 

I really do appreciate all your advice and words of encouragement. 

A couple of people mentioned talking to the Dog Whisperer, Cesar, so I went to his website and did a little research. I learned that we needed to be the dominate ones instead of letting one of the dogs dominate things. I am pretty sure a couple of you mentioned that as well. So, we started dominating more, and that has helped tremendously.

We have only had one more fight since we have changed the way we are handling things. It was the strangest thing. Little Miss Pepper, sweet as she could be girl, was the one that started the fight. Abby did not want to fight, and tried to get away. I was able to grab Pepper and keep them from fighting. 

Earlier this week, McD and I went to San Diego for a few days, and took Pepper to the vet to be spayed while we were away. We are hoping that she is still young enough that spaying her might help. 

We will see.

I wanted to let everyone know that we are keeping both dogs. We are working with them, and hope to see more and more improvement as time goes on.

Thanks again for all your feedback!! 


Dog Fight & A Hard Decision

Cute, huh?

Abby (left) & Pepper (right) had a blast the day I took this photo. But it isn't always fun and games with these two. They fight like cats and dogs, you know what I mean. 

Abby is the dominate female.  The other dogs know this, and don't dispute it. Abby is also very, very moody. And jealous, man is she jealous.

Pepper, on the other hand, is the sweetest dog ever.  She never picks a fight, and even tries to stay away from Abby. After a fight, Pepper is the first to go to Abby and lick all of her wounds. Eventually, Abby will lick on Pepper too. 

The fights first started when we would let the dogs out, and Pepper would bump Abby or just look at her the wrong way. Seriously! We started letting Abby out first, and holding Pepper back so she wouldn't bump her or anything. The last time this happened we let them out at like two in the morning to go to the bathroom, and the fight was on. That certainly woke us up! McD ran outside sporting nothing but undies to break them up. It was quite a sight!

The fighting stopped for a little while, but then started up again when we would drive in the driveway. They run like crazy dogs when we drive in, and Pepper won't even have to bump Abby. Abby flat out starts a fight with her, and Pepper won't back down. I don't blame her. In order to stop the fighting, we started leaving one of them in the house while we were gone. It worked! I thought we had everything settled. 

But, then…

This morning, as I was sitting here writing about something completely different, I let the dogs out to use the bathroom. They were fine. I watched them for a few minutes. Abby had gone one way, and Pepper the other. I came back to the computer, sat down and got busy. After about thirty minutes I decided to check on them. I looked out all of the windows and didn't see them. I assumed they would be sunning and I didn't want to disturb them by opening the door. I walked to the kitchen to look out the back door, and there they were. They were bloody and wanting in the house. They both limped in, and went to their favorite places. 

This is going to be a much longer post than I had expected. Sorry.

After looking both of them over, I called McD. I told him what had happened, that I didn't know what started it, and that I was going to have to take Pepper to the vet. I asked him what we should do about them. He answered, "I don't know." 

I called the vet, and they can't get Pepper in until five o'clock this evening. She is in a lot of pain, and that is saying something because this little one has a pretty high pain tolerance. 

I went to check Abby over again, and have found that she has some pretty good cuts on her as well. 

The decision I have to make is this – what to do. Do I put Abby down? She is the one that is causing all of the problems. Obviously, nothing else is working. 

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Puppy Love

Here's one of my favorite photos of Mia and Abby. Abby was less than a year old, and we hadn't had her ears cropped yet. She looks so little here!

Fast forward!

Abby will be three this month, it is unbelievable how time has flown right by us! Here's a more recent photo, she's grown quite a bit.

She is a super sweet girl when she wants to be, but in a blink of an eye her mood can change.  She was named after Pauley Perette's character "Abby" on NCIS. We *love* that show!!

Isn't she beautiful! 


Mourning L’Amour

Yes, you read that right.

Right before I left for Honduras, I stopped to pet L'Amour and to give her a couple of treats. It was my way of saying that I would see her when I got back. Yes, I literally said that to her, and she knew exactly what I was saying.

When I got home I received a text from a friend asking if I had seen L'Amour lately. It appears L'Amour hadn't been seen for while.

Yesterday I drove around looking for her, but I knew I wouldn't find her. We are all worried that she met up with a pack of coyotes.

It would be great if she would just show up again, but I am afraid that won't happen.

It was nice to have her around while it lasted.

If you missed the whole L'Amour story, you can catch up here and here. Oh, and here.