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A Recipe for Peace – Book Review

RecipeforPeaceBook Description:

You can be assured that the peace foretold by Old Testament prophets and promised by Jesus and His apostles is attainable. It's as simple as following the instructions in a cookbook. Janie Craun has found a recipe for peace in the Bible, our spiritual cookbook.

In 13 lessons of study, you will be encouraged to seek "the peace that passes understanding" using seven ingredients called for by Paul in Philippians. Like any good cookbook, A Recipe for Peace offers appetizers, somethings to chew on that require a little thought, and, of course, recipes, specifically bread recipes.

The saying "No God, no Peace; know God, know peace" describes the dilemma of today's woman perfectly.  By following the ingredients provided in the Bible and following A Recipe for Peace, women can create a life that is well done.


What a delightful book!

I was attending a church retreat/conference last June (2013), and I came across this book. Teaching a ladies bible class had been heavy on my heart, and I was looking for some good material. I wasn't teaching at the time, and when I came across this book it looked like a great book to start teaching with. I showed the book to my granny, who has taught bible classes all over the world, to see what she thought. She liked it.

At this time, I am teaching my very first ladies bible class and we are loving this book. I have read the entire book, and while I feel like most of the content has been kind of a refresher for the ladies in my class, I think it would be a great book for new/young Christians.

We, as women, really like the way Ms. Craun refers to our bibles as our spiritual cookbook/recipe book. The recipes and helpful tips are a wonderful addition.

We have had many great discussions while studying our bibles using this book as a guide. I am very interested to see what the author comes up with next.


Something You Might Not Know About Me

There's a lot about me that you might not know, but there is one thing I am going to share. Just one for now.

For a long time, our church had a ladies bible class every Tuesday morning, and I attended for at least a year. I loved it! I loved getting to know the women in our class, having people that I could talk to, ask questions of and not feel ignorant.

But then life happened, and the ladies class was no more. I was bummed, and after talking to several other ladies, I learned that they were bummed too. I prayed about missing the class, and about the class starting up again. Little did I know that I would be teaching the class.


I teach a ladies bible class.

Yea, yea, quit your laughing! Pick yourself up off the floor, and finish this thing. 🙂

I've never been one to speak in front of a crowd. During speech class in college, I nearly cried during every speech I had to make. I got sick to my stomach, had the sweats, and the shakes. Just so you know, people don't notice the shakes as much if you lay your notes on the podium in front of you. So, why in the world did God think I could teach this class? That was my question to him. But, after praying, and praying, and praying, and more praying, I felt drawn to teaching this class.

I asked a friend, Luann, what she thought and she just said, YES! My hopes were rising a little bit at this point. Of course, I asked McD and he thought I should go for it. Then I asked my mom what she thought, and she said yes. Then I asked my granny, another couple of friends, and finally I talked to someone at the church and well, here I am teaching my first bible class.

I don't feel qualified to teach the ladies I am teaching. So I have decided to say that I am not really teaching, I am facilitating this class. I go through a lesson, and hopefully I will bring up things that we can discuss. And sometimes, we get off on completely different subjects but at least one of us learns something each time we meet.

Teaching/facilitating this class has given me purpose. I feel like God must have wanted me to teach this class, because the while I was preparing for my first class I was calm as a cucumber. (I have no idea how cucumbers are calm, just sayin'.) The day of class came, and I was ready. I read the whole class from my notes, but I wasn't even nervous. I felt a calm about me.

Today, we decided that we didn't want the classes to end so, I get to teach this class again. I hope you read that right. I don't "have" to teach the class again. No one is making me teach the class again. I *get* to teach the class again.

You have no idea how blessed I feel!

Come back tomorrow and I will share the book we are studying from in our ladies bible class.

Thanks for listening reading!


Whoa! Hold Your Horses!

JulieK_6869Whoa! Hold your horses! It isn't midnight yet. I'm still on schedule!

Today is only the 11th of November, and I almost forgot to blog.

We had a great weekend in California, and honestly, I haven't had such a relaxing weekend in a really long time! There was lots of laughter, food, and friends!

Life is good!

See you tomorrow!



Our Favorite Commercials

Yesterday, I wrote about how much we are enjoying the NBC show, The Blacklist. It has sucked us in, and leaves us hanging each week so that we have to come back for more. I had all kinds of questions I hoped someone could answer, but in reality I know all the answers are a big fat secret.

In my post, I mentioned that we like to record the shows we watch so we can fast forward through all of the commercials. After re-reading that, I decided that I needed to clarify something. There are several commercials that we will watch. We will even rewind so we can see the whole thing if we sped past it.

Here are a few that we like.

We are dog lovers, and this Iams commercial really touches our hearts! McD's favorite parts are when Rocky is whining at the window, and when he lays on top of Dawn in the driveway. He's just so happy to see her. Aww.

This one just happens to be one of my favorite of all time! You don't even have to be a huge Star Wars fan to like it. It might help a little, but you don't have to be.

Another favorite! Who doesn't like this commercial?

Another favorite! We aren't Dodge drivers, but we really like how they spotlighted the Farmers! No Farmers, No Food!

So, there ya go. There are a few of our favorites. We don't skip all commercials, we slow down for our favorites!

What about you? What are some of your favorite commercials?


The Blacklist

Okay, NBC you've done it again! You've gone and aired a show that I can't stand to miss! It is so good that I might even watch it live.  We tend to record everything we want to watch just so we can fast forward through all of the commercials.

Here's what I want to know:

Do you watch The Blacklist?

If so, don't you just love Raymond "Red" Reddingon? He is such a good bad guy.

Now, for the question I am dying to get an answer to…

Is Red Lizzy's father?

Here's another one…

Who planted cameras in Lizzy's house?

Oh, and one more and I will stop.

Is her husband, Tom, really a good guy or a bad guy like Red says?

Let's chit chat about this show!



No-Shave November – I’m In, Are You?

I really seriously thought about taking a photo of my already hairy legs, but then I decided not to. 

I wasn't really planning on participating, but then it occured to me. I participate every year, just not usually a month at a time. I still might not make it a whole month, but I am going to see how long I can go.

Are you participating?

If you aren't familiar with No-Shave November the head over to the website, No-Shave November, to learn more about it. Let's just say that men grow beards, women have hairy legs, and all donations go to find a cure for cancer.


Shout Outs

A Shout Out to All the NaBloPoMo Writers Out There

Today, I wanted to give a shout out to all the Blogher NaBloPoMo writers out there. 

We are all trying to come up with something to write about every single day of this month, and believe it or not, it can become difficult to come up with something. Things seem to come easier to me when I am not thinking about writing every. single. day.

So, curl up like my handsome cat Mordecai and take some time to visit some of the writers on this list. You'll be glad you did!

Blogher NaBloPoMo Writers