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My Favorite Eyebrow Pencil – Ever!

This is absolutely my favorite eyebrow pencil ever! Ever! it brow pencilSeriously, let me share the product information with you.

Universal Eyebrow Pencil

If you have thin eyebrows, an eyebrow pencil is something that you cannot afford to ignore. It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil is meant for both thick and thin eyebrows. It manages to create natural looking and believable eyebrows. To control eyebrow hair loss, it uses a patent-pending blend of ingredients that not only beautify your eyes but also helps restore your brow hair follicles.

      •Sweat proof
      •Adjusts to all skin

This eyebrow pencil is waterproof and does not come off even if you sweat more.

Just for you: Women

A Closer Look: It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil has eyebrow enhancing technology that helps to transform eyebrow hair color. The eyebrow pencil comes in a universal shade, which goes well with all skin tones and hair.

You Won’t Find: Paraben

Now, what do you think about that?

I have been using this exact brow pencil for approximately six months, and this is what I have found.

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It does adjust to all skin, and hair color. This just amazes me. But, if you have dark hair, like I do, then you have to press the pencil down a little harder to get the color you need. If you have lighter hair, then don’t press down as hard. Pretty simple.

Smudge-resistant? Yep! It is! Unless you are sweating like a pig in the gym, but we already covered that.

The product information talks about how it restores your brow hair follicles, but I have not noticed that yet. When I went through chemo, and lost all my hair, I lost a lot of my eye brows. Not all of them, but they certainly thinned a lot. This brow pencil is perfect for filling them in. If my brow hair follicles become restored I will most certainly tell you!

Share some of your favorite beauty products with me so I can try something new!

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