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It’s Time For A New Adventure!

Oh boy, do I have news for you!!

There are so many new things going on in my life that I just have to share! Seriously, I am so excited that I can’t hold it in anymore!

It all stared in September. A friend of mine posted something on Facebook about a new Christian Contributor Blog looking for contributors. I just scrolled right past it, and went on liking every post I could. Two days later, there it was again. I began thinking about it, wondering if I should send in something to be considered for one of the spots. The third time I saw it, I decided to started praying about it. The next day I replied on their post advertising for the open positions, and I told them that I would be praying about it. I ended up sending in a few samples of my writing, and the wait began.

Fast forward.

September 24, I prayed that I could hear something soon from the Sweet Jesus Ministries gals. I walked in the house, dodged the dogs all the way back to the computer, and opened my email account.  There it was just sitting there in my inbox. It was sent at the exact same time I was praying. How cool is that? The only thing left for me to do was open it. Just open it, easy peasy. It wasn’t easy peasy for me. I was filled with doubt!

I opened the email, and then I opened my eyes. The first word I saw was Congratulations! I took in a deep breath, and literally high-fived the sky! In my mind, I was high-fiving Jesus!

I was so excited! I am still so excited! I hope you will be excited too!

Let me give you a link so you can check out the Sweet Jesus Ministries.

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Each of these ladies have their own blogs, so please check them out as well. There are links in each of our bios. Be sure to like Sweet Jesus Ministries on Facebook, follow the @SweetJesusGirls on Twitter, pin with us on Pinterest, and subscribe to receive our post via email.

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  • Reply Denise Palmer October 23, 2015 at 10:27 am

    I am not surprised at all, because you are an extremely talented writer. (You are also a wonderful person and an amazing friend!) You are totally going to rock this! Congratulations!!!!

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