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A Recipe for Peace – Book Review

RecipeforPeaceBook Description:

You can be assured that the peace foretold by Old Testament prophets and promised by Jesus and His apostles is attainable. It's as simple as following the instructions in a cookbook. Janie Craun has found a recipe for peace in the Bible, our spiritual cookbook.

In 13 lessons of study, you will be encouraged to seek "the peace that passes understanding" using seven ingredients called for by Paul in Philippians. Like any good cookbook, A Recipe for Peace offers appetizers, somethings to chew on that require a little thought, and, of course, recipes, specifically bread recipes.

The saying "No God, no Peace; know God, know peace" describes the dilemma of today's woman perfectly.  By following the ingredients provided in the Bible and following A Recipe for Peace, women can create a life that is well done.


What a delightful book!

I was attending a church retreat/conference last June (2013), and I came across this book. Teaching a ladies bible class had been heavy on my heart, and I was looking for some good material. I wasn't teaching at the time, and when I came across this book it looked like a great book to start teaching with. I showed the book to my granny, who has taught bible classes all over the world, to see what she thought. She liked it.

At this time, I am teaching my very first ladies bible class and we are loving this book. I have read the entire book, and while I feel like most of the content has been kind of a refresher for the ladies in my class, I think it would be a great book for new/young Christians.

We, as women, really like the way Ms. Craun refers to our bibles as our spiritual cookbook/recipe book. The recipes and helpful tips are a wonderful addition.

We have had many great discussions while studying our bibles using this book as a guide. I am very interested to see what the author comes up with next.

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    i going thru the same thing. well, i pray to God that all my issues will go away, and maybe be a whole new person for Him. you have to trust Him, if u want to overcome ur depression. i’ll be praying for you. Was this answer helpful?

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