PinTest – Silly Sludge

First off, I have to say that our Silly Sludge looks nothing like theirs, but we had a lot of fun making it!

I'm a geek. There, I said it. I like making things, and watching them come together. Maybe that is why I like cooking so much. Putting a whole bunch of ingredients together, and watching them come together as a yummy treat is fun for me. With that said, this was a pin I just had to try.

I waited until our granddaughter Emma came to visit. I couldn't have all the fun by myself. We made two batches, one pink and one blue. You can see in the photo above that Miss Emma likes to mix things up.

After playing with our silly sludge for a little bit, we called the guys in to check it out.

Who knew that they would have just as much fun with it as we did.

Check out the pin on Pinterest here, or go directly to Love and Laundry.

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