Catching Up!

Today, I plan on catching up on lots and lots of stuff!

I've already got my laundry going, and dishes put up.  I've worked on tomorrow's blog post, I know…don't fall out of your chair.  I am trying to get things back in order around here.

After starting my job, I lost all control around here.  My routines were shot, and I was completely exhausted.  Who would've thought that only four hours, three days a week would be so exhausting.  I am pretty sure that it's because I am grasping at some sort of structure in this complete chaos.

Things are getting ready to change though!  I am going to get caught up on everything, and I have a three day weekend to do it!

So, tomorrow be here for the post I promised you months ago

The rest of the week will be full of book reviews, stories from Hawaii, and maybe a recipe.  Hope to see you back here for all the fun!

And now, to iron some clothes.  Fun times!!

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  • Reply Sandy September 1, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    I think we all spun out of control for a while! Maybe now, with the school year starting, we can channel our childhood rhythms and get back into the groove.
    Looking forward to reading you again, Julie!

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