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My apologies for not visiting each of the rest of the Bloggie nominees.  If I have time a little later I will visit more, but mother nature and life are getting in the way of my blogging duties.

Yesterday, I spent the day getting ready for the big snow storm that was supposed to bombard us last night.  Well, it did.  We have 14" of snow now, and it is still coming. 

But keep in mind, I am not complaining.  I am loving it!

I have been out to the barn once already today to check on the water situation.  Thank goodness we are okay there for now.  There were actually snow drifts up to my chest.  I didn't even attempt to get into those, but did have to go through snow that was above my knees. 

The dogs are loving the snow too!  I will try to get pics later today.

As for the rest of the nominees for the Bloggie Awards, I will let you check them out on your own.  Sorry, but duty calls.

Here's the link:  The 2011 Bloggies.  Be sure to vote. 

Let me know some of your favorites so I can check them out as I thaw out later this evening. 

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  • Reply Strawberry CAKE February 9, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Wow I had no idea you guys got smacked with a storm. Oh make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and read a good book! Thanks for all the bloggie updates : D

  • Reply Cheeky February 10, 2011 at 6:09 am

    I finally updated…..and have come to the realization that I need to update a few things on my template and I have forgotten how! hahahaha – guess I am off to teach myself again….

  • Reply Jen February 10, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Holy Moly! Stay warm!

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